Combating School Violence

The sudden out break of violence in schools as a result of one flimsy excuse or the other, where terror is unleashed against fellow students, the teachers, the staff as well as the principal is a disturbing issue for all. The attackers do not recognize status and personality as they perpetrate their ungodly acts, as it is a moment of lawlessness. They stab people with knives, they shoot others with guns, some are bullied and many others received the beatings of their lives. The school, after the terror, is full of horrible sights of people in pool of blood, crying for help, while others lay dead. The smoke from burning buildings is thick in the air; at times the fire is still at large, claiming more and more properties.


The possible causes of this dreadful incidence are nothing serious. Some of the reasons for launching violent attacks may be as a result of frustration and depression caused by examination failure. Such despaired children, out of jealousy and envy, prefer a situation where every thing is lost, and no one gains any thing. The children of ilk mind come together and plan their demonic attack. In this regard, the best way of combating this psychological problem is to give the child proper counseling. The teacher could do that, or the parents. The teacher may help the child with tips on how he can improve his academic performance.


The parents are as a matter of fact guilty of leaving the child all on his own, he thinks for himself at that tender age and take the decision he deems right pertaining his life. This is because the parents are busy all the time and do not have time for the child. Often, they come back home late and tired; if the child asks some questions, the answers are not good enough to satisfy his curiosity. As we all know, a child can not take the right decision for himself, at this age. Influenced by the wrong inspiration, the child may take to violence. To avoid the tendency of your child taking the wrong decisions and engaging in criminal activities, always have enough time for him, and guide him in his thinking process.


The fact that dangerous weapons such as knives and guns are brought to the school indicates that the security lapses and inefficiency. The school authority should tighten the security of the school by equipping the security outfit very well.


The teachers too have some roles to play in combating school violence. They should immediately report to the principal any unusual, suspicious grouping that looks like a gang, any sign of possession of weapon and so on.


Some students especially those assigned with responsibilities, talking about the prefects, should be actively engaged in the security outfit as informants of signs of attack in any way observed.


The security outfit of the school should quickly assess the situation and take charge. However, they should immediately inform the principal if the situation is beyond their control so that the law enforcement agents could be invited to arrest the situation.


By taking the steps above, it is hoped that the situation could be arrested before it became worst.