Preventing school violence in your own school


It is necessary that your child has a safe and secure environment in school and does not fall victim to school violence. Nowadays, there have been many cases being reported that talk about high rise in school violence. This obviously makes a parent worried about the safety of his/her child in school. There are some children in every school who are bullies and try to harass other children. There are also some who resort to aggressive behaviour on the littlest of things. In such a situation, the school must take certain precautions to prevent school violence. Some of the precautionary steps that could be taken are as follows:
There should be programs held regularly in school which teach students to solve problems in a constructive rather than destructive manner. Students should be encouraged to talk out their problems with each other rather than fight them out. There should be extra-curricular activities and programs that give the students a chance to mix around with each other and bond well.
There should be strict guidelines and policies concerning school violence. If a student engages in any form of aggressive behaviour, then the parents of the student need to be informed and he/she needs to be counselled. In case the student continues to repeat offences, then the school might have to suspend him/her from attending school for few days. It is very important that such a student be actively counselled by the teachers and parents and encouraged to behave in a more constructive manner rather than aggressive manner. There should be strict policies that prohibit formation of gangs and gang activities on the campus.
Adequate security measures should be taken to prevent any form of school violence. Generally, most of the acts of school violence take during recess or before and after school hours. There should be security guards manning the campus during such hours and immediately report any kind of violence or situation where students could engage in violence to the higher authorities. The help of PTA to prevent violence in school can be actively taken. The hallways, cafeteria and bathrooms should be manned during breaks so as to ensure that there is no form of violence.
Each student must have an identity card which should be checked before he/she enters the school so that no anti-social elements enter the school. Security cameras and metal detectors should be placed at positions where students spend their time during breaks when they are not in class. At the school entrance, there should be metal detectors so as to be able to detect any student who is carrying a potential weapon.
The parents must be actively involved in keeping a check on school violence. They should be encouraged to talk to their children everyday once they return home from school and ask them about the day’s activities. Parents can immediately sense if there is something or some person bothering their child and immediate precautionary measures can be taken to prevent the situation from going out of hand.
The above mentioned points are certain steps that can be taken in order to prevent any violence in school.