Ways to Reduce School Violence


School violence is one of the major issues of concern for parents, teachers, students and other concerned authorities because it is the future of the country that is affected adversely because of this. Hence it is very important that necessary steps must be taken in order to stop violence and other activities which harm the student community. However steps to control and eradicate school violence are easy but the important thing here is to implement steps and methods that eradicate school violence in a soft manner because this is a very sensitive issue.
Violent students should be dealt very carefully while trying to eliminate the violent attitude in them. This is because the severe and harsh methods could prove disastrous as the effects will be etched in the memories of that particular child for his entire lifetime. Some methods and steps are given in this article which will help in reducing the violent behavior of violent students and also help in eliminating them as well.
  • Parents are the ones who can understand their child the best. Hence parents should talk with their children more often to change their habits and behavior. Tell them how important it is to have a very good attitude and how important it is to be good. Remind them of the fact that the family’s reputation is in his hands and other things which will soften the violent child’s heart.
  • There is always the internet for getting help regarding school violence. Parents should use the internet to find out ways to adjust with a violent child and move according to the instructions. There are many website which offer free advice and recommendations on how to deal with an arrogant child and hence it should be utilized properly.
  • In extreme cases of violent behavior then the only option is to consult a professional. A professional psychiatrist can give counseling and employ methods that will change the attitude of a violent child.
  • Prevention is better than cure and if necessary steps are taken at the beginning of the onset of a violent behavior in children then life is much easier.
  • Teachers should give attention to each and every student. If the teacher finds anything wrong in the child’s attitude then it is the duty of the teacher to work towards finding the root cause of the problem and finding a solution to it as well. The teacher should inform such sensitive issues to the child’s parents as well.
  • The school administration should be quite strict regarding school violence. They should not allow students to get off very easily after they commit a crime. But they should do it in a manner that will not leave an impact but teach the child a valuable lesson.
  • Moreover the school administration should be vigilant to avoid the possession of weapons or any other equipment which are harmful in a school environment.
These methods are very good in improving the behavior of a child. However there is nothing that does not bend to love and affection. Hence parents should take extra care in spending time with their children and giving them sufficient love and affection.