Frankly speaking, parents and the school teachers should readily accept responsibilities for the increasing school violence in our nation. These two entities are expected to work together and keep a close tab on the kids’ activities, introduce necessary control along the line purposely to hinder them from going wayward. This measure, if properly applied would ever be effective ways of stopping school violence.


Besides, unless banes of violence in these children are closely and objectively study, there is no solution in sight. Trying to do so would be an exercise in futility. Parents and teachers should stop shying away from tackling violence in their kids. They should rather  be bold enough to address and subdue it.


Furthermore, students go into violence either on social or personal reason. There are 5 very important reasons why most of the acts of violence are being committed by students namely:

1.          Family upbringings

2.          School atmosphere

3.          Individual peculiar behavior

4.          Social trends

5.          Neighborhood influence


The first 4 options cannot be conclusively proofed that it leads to student’s unrest.


The lists above put together are not the only reasons while students embrace in violence matters in school, others include: depression, unfriendly nature of others, having difficulties to cope with students, frustrations and many more.


The introverts and lonely are prone to be involved in deadly violence most of the time. Jealousy and rivalry among student contemporaries can create tension unnecessarily. The pressure of one trying to outshine the other can force either into gangs and possibly hurt the innocent but brilliant students. Just one act of violence is all one need for one to become addicted.


Another very important step to stop school violence is through intimacy between parents and kids, and between teachers and kids. Again the parents should not over-pamper their children in the name of love. They should be giving thorough but objective training. If a child is well trained a home, the tendency of same child going wayward or misbehaving outside is very low. For no reason on earth should parents abandon their children. Kiddies’ loneliness could be dangerous.


Parents should introduce effective communications with their kids. They must be interested in knowing the kinds of films the children should be exposed to. Love and affections should be the watchword in all things.