Has it come to past that schools have broken through the limitations of just being centers of learning for students to gain knowledge?  Students of this era and generation are being provided more than just their studies.  Contemporary schools of the modern age give more to the student in the way of facilities that enhance their skills and abilities in sports, communication, computer education, and career amongst others alongside the standard studies they receive.  Tough competition exists in the schools of today as compared to earlier days.  Children are always expected to perform at their best and excel every time which in some ways is practically impossible.  A child may be good in one or two things, but he or she can’t be the best in everything.  In the past, strong focus has been in the natural and applied science professions of medicine and engineering. But that was in the past.  Now focus has also shifted to other fields of importance such as communication arts, media and sports for example showing that people should also give importance to these fields.


Understanding a child’s interest and giving right guidance and knowledge to let him or her grow is of main importance. This is because each child has their own unique interests and hobbies. The provision of this understanding, guidance and good knowledge is a partnership between parents and teachers.   School violence only exists without proper guidance.


It would be naïve to say that school violence is not a big problem for today. It is.

It can be loosely defined as a harmful activity to a person either done by students against classmates or instructors.  The pressures of competitiveness affect the students making them stressed and depressed, thus seriously hampering their performance in their studies.

Overall, a build up of such psychological pressure will encourage them or rather push them to acts of mischief which will later develop into violence.  Good collaboration between parents and teachers is needed to give proper guidance and support to these children so as to prevent such an occurrence from happening.


It must be understood that the child’s first place of learning is the home where he or she learns the basics.  Without the presence of parents, especially in the case where both are working, the child is at odds to do what he pleases regardless if it is either wrong or right.

With no one to mentor the child, the child may not see what is morally wrong or right for his future.  The physical exhaustion of parents also hampers the interaction with the child as they are tired and may not have time to ask all the different questions that the child has prepared during the day. Lacking needed answers and compassion from his parents, the situation later may lead to acts and decisions that will produce school violence.


Proper monitoring of the child’s movement and decision making, even in the parents absence must be carried out to avoid the situation above.  In lieu of this, the proper care and attention and time should also be reserved by parents to be given to their children.

No circumstance, no matter how severe, should ever push parents to neglect their children as this has far reaching consequences which can in time take a turn for the worse.

Parents at all times should be very congenial with their children and provide an environment of comfort and trust where issues can be discussed without reproach.  Given such measures, violence in schools may be put in check for the better.