The Solution to the School Violence Problem

In these times we live in, parents lead busy lifestyles to the point of not taking much attention to the activities that their children involve themselves with in school. Most parents are content with enrolling their children in school for they know that school is a method of building their children’s future. However, cases where students harm each other occur at times and the reaction to such incidents is that they are wrong.


Violent activities at school appear shameful for those who do not take any action against them. Cases of violence in school are on the rise and they have a negative effect on the students and country in general and it therefore essential for people to find ways of dealing with and ending this problem.


Any activity that happens in schools, whose intention is to harm the students in that school or their teachers, is school violence. In many cases of school violence, students use pistols and other types of weapons to threaten or hurt their fellow students and staff members. Some of the worst cases of school violence lead to the deaths of some students and it is therefore of importance to find a solution to end violence in school.


In order to solve this problem, parents should give their children the opportunity to lead their lives according to how much they can accomplish and not force them to lead their lives the way that their parents want. The age of the student has much to do with how well the student will do in life. It is therefore essential that students receive proper guidance so that they will avoid running into problems later. The students who participate in violent activities at school ruin their lives and that of their parents too.


School violence is severe and the cases of school violence that have led to the deaths of approximately two hundred people in American schools since 1992, illustrate this. Such high numbers of deaths make many American students and citizens terrified about violence in school.


The students who involve themselves in school violence usually do it as a group. They cause problems to their fellow students and this has a very negative effect on the learning environment. The question in most people’s mind is what leads the students to perform violent activities in school. One of the reasons is the extreme exposure of students to violence in the media. For example, the students watch actors engage in violent activities in movies and they try to emulate them. This makes the students have a violent attitude towards other students and people around them.


The other reason why students engage themselves in violent activities is due to the pressure they receive from their parents. Most parents will try many things to ensure that their children perform well in school and this leads some students to act violently. The main cause of school violence is therefore exposure to violent activities, the pressure they receive regarding their studies and the limited amount of time that parents spend with their children. 


The solution to this problem is that school administrations should make arrangements where the parents and teachers meet frequently. If this happens, the parents and teachers can discuss the problems that students face and find ways of solving them. Furthermore, society in general needs to make a good example to students by displaying violence as a negative activity that they should not involve themselves.