Ways to control violence in kids

Monitoring kids is very important to prevent violent behavior in them. School authorities and parents need to work in teams to contain violence in kids.


There is a global concern against rising violence everywhere. This becomes much more critical when experienced in schools. Being closely related with kids, it is imperative to deal with this very seriously otherwise it might harm their psychological development.


Violence has become quite common in kids. Teenage kids undergo changes in their lives and the problem gets noticeable at this time. The kids of this age must be understood and dealt with patience.


If kids are monitored closely by the staff members and the school authorities, school violence can be controlled. If any child is seen becoming aggressive on small issues, misbehaving with his teachers or class mates it must be taken seriously by the school authorities, as this might be the first step taken by the child towards becoming violent. The child needs to be controlled at this very step; otherwise this might lead to a dangerous situation later on.


Further, if the child is found fighting with other kids, or suddenly develops tendency to take risks, these events should be taken note of and taken as a warning of things to come. Such a child may end up getting violent later on and as a result become a problem for the society later on.


If monitored closely, these signs can be of great help in spotting violent attitude among kids and necessary action can be taken in time. However, utmost care must be taken in dealing with such kids as he/she may feel isolated or attacked from other kids. Thus his recovery might get hampered.


There needs a teamwork among the staff of the school for treatment of such children. A counselor or a psychologist must be employed to design a strategy to help students behave normally. If not dealt properly, the child may feel rejected and the chances of normalizing may get destroyed.


Role of friends and other classmates becomes critical in such cases. If someone watches his/her friend indulging in any unusual behavior, it must be reported to either the school teachers or the school authorities. However the child who has reported the incident must not give up his interaction with the other kid. Thus avoiding any thought in the other kid that he is being left out and thereby increasing his anger further. Rather it must be tried to talk and have discussion with the kid to get knowledge about the thoughts going on in his mind as it might be possible that the child is getting misunderstood.


It must be understood that the violent behavior of a child isn’t born due to any particular day’s events. Rather, it’s due to stuff going on in his mind over a long period of time. To clear his head from this stuff, it would take a while. Thus it is very necessary to have patience while dealing with a violent kid. Thus the parents and the school authorities need to put combined efforts in dealing with this problem of school violence and help the child to lead a normal and peaceful life.