How to avoid school violence?


Today, it is quite common to find news related to school violence. Unfortunately, most of the people just listen and prefer to ignore such news. They even don’t want to know how this problem is getting bad to worse day by day. But ignorance is not a solution for any problem. It is a noteworthy fact that school violence includes any type of violent activities that harm students as well as teachers.
Reasons responsible for school violence are many and the main thing is to find out those reasons so as to prevent the activities related to school violence. It was really the thing of past when students going to school were just indulged in studies. Today the scenario is little bit different. With studies, many students go for activities like creating nuisance in the class, harming other students or teachers and so on. All such is categorized in one term and that is school violence.  
In this modern era, everybody wants to see their child at the top. This competition among students leads to the state of stress and depression. Most of the parents even expect something that is beyond the capacity of the students. This over expectation compels students to study under pressure. Because of such pressure and frustration the student either opts for suicide or violence against his colleagues or teachers. Thus parents play a very important role in making a child violent.
It is important to note that parents not only act as a main medium for making child violent but they even work as a medicine in bringing the child back to his original stage. With proper care and support, the parents can avoid school violence very easily. They need to understand what is the maximum capacity of their children and accordingly they should set their expectations. In case their child is little bit week in studies, then they should not force him to study whole day instead they must think of the ways how best their child can learn without any problem.
There are several mediums available through which a child can be made to learn through interactive games or TV programs. Children not only enjoy such programs but even learn their assignments very easily through such mediums. So the parents should go for these mediums in order to help their child do good in studies without much problem.
Other than parents, teachers can also help a lot in avoiding school violence. After home, school is the place where a child devotes most of his time. During that long period, teachers remain in close contact with the students. They watch their activities and can stop them from doing any wrong act. So by joint efforts of parents as well as the teachers, the problem of school violence can be stopped easily. In addition it is the liability of every citizen of the country to offer such environment where a child should remain away from violence.
So this is all about school violence as well as ways through which school violence can be avoided.