Reasons for the decrease in Violence in School

There has been a decrement in school violence cases over the past decade. The number of cases involving school violence has reduced by more than half because of the introduction of School based Mental Health Services that came to the student’s rescue.


It is an undeniable fact that we live in a complicated world and to survive in it we need to possess some complex skills. This is why we prepare our children from the beginning so that they become tough enough to face the ruthlessly competitive world.


The schools teach some of the subjects to the students so that they are rewarded a bright career and future. These subjects include general science, reading comprehension, math, social studies etc. But it is not understood by most of the people that these subjects are not adequate enough to provide the children with a comfortable and ideal lifestyle. Social skills, problem solving ability, superior reasoning and good mental health condition are some of the things a student must develop. Are our children provided with the same skills from us?


All the basic amenities that is required for the proper development of children is not easy to calculate. Recent years has seen a decrement in the incidences of school violence to a certain extent. Nowadays, if a child is seen suffering from severe emotional or behavioral problem then the case is taken into account seriously.


SBMH i.e. School based Mental Health Services played a vital role in reducing the cases of violence in school. SBMH plays a very important role to reduce the impact of home, school, behavioral and emotional problems that are a common sight in youth. The project commenced a decade ago and since then has resolved immense number of mental distress problems that are associated with secondary and high school going students.


SBMH has got a taste of success because of various reasons. It took into concern various reasons behind a child’s behavior and took into account every small aspect. The profiles students who looked suspicious in their behavior were taken into consideration by SBMH. The school records about violent students were checked by the SBMH with the school administration. Records related to absenteeism, suspicions related to violence and other disciplinary referrals were included in the records.


Around 36% of the school going students were taken into consideration when they were seen suffering from symptoms of depression between the year 1999-2004. Out of a large majority, 26% of the students said that the atmosphere at their home was not good, while 24% of the students had shown signs of behavioral disorder. In the year 2000, SBMH exactly conducted 2,132 sessions in various schools and numerous cases related to behavioral disorder were resolved which is a very good to hear. Couple of years later that is in 2003, a staggering 15,763 sessions were conducted across various schools mainly to resolve behavioral and psychological disorders.


Past records show that School based mental health services have left a great positive impact student’s violence and discipline related problems. Graphs of disciple referrals and absenteeism are reduced by more than 50%.  


Obviously, these are the signs of a good future prospective. Problems are solved to some extent and children can now learn safely at schools.