Factors that reduce school violence

The world has attained a state of complications which has left human ideals and principles hanging in the thinnest thread of all. To survive in this world, people need to bring up their children by preparing them to face the inevitable world of competitions. The human skills need so much fine tuning in order to adjust in this world of complications.


This being the case, the subjects taught at school need to be reframed in their content and sufficient amount of advice and suggestions for peaceful living should be included. The subjects like mathematics, general science, reading comprehension, social studies, history and geography may not help in keeping the minds of the students open and clear in their ideals. On the contrary, classes that specifically teach the kids about ethical behavior, self motivation, social skills, problem avoiding cum solving techniques, steps to keep mental health fit and for developing the superior reasoning power of the kids will help them grow up both peacefully and effectively.


Recent developments in the quality of the education provided have reduced the violence in schools to a greater extent. Such continued improvements will facilitate the world of youngsters to achieve more than anyone could possibly imagine. Special task forces and staff for monitoring the behavioral patterns of kids in schools have been appointed and their job is to make note of each and every little detail of the students that may show an emotion imbalance or problem in them.


School violence has been brought under control considerably by the initiative taken by the SBMH, which stands for the School Based Mental Health services. Their role in the educational areas is to formulate ways that can reduce the impact of external factors on studies. Factors that come under this title are identified as their own emotions, behavioral patterns, problem from parents and teachers. The programme was initiated in the start of this decade and there has been a tremendous amount of response to it from everyone.


Even small aspects are considered in forming an opinion about this matter and the kids are dealt with compassion rather than forced orders. The school administrations need to give specific reports about the kids in their school individually to this organization and they will make visits to the schools to inspect the effectiveness of the program every month or so. The reports are to have all aspects concerning every student, including the details like absenteeism, disciplinary actions taken and about any suspensions given with regard to disobedience or violence.


The strong belief of education analysts is that the children will be capable of making the best of any situations if they are given proper guidance and chances. Their parents are also given suggestions and motivation by specialized experts, in order to help the kids to enjoy peace in the houses too. Likewise, they believe that by training the teachers in suppressing their anger and frustration towards children, the quality of the educational atmosphere can be improved. Also, by reducing the factors that give them depression and reasons to change their behaviors, they can be honed into good citizens and contributor to this world, in the days to come.