Contribution of School Violence to Prevent School Violence

Students have a vital role in eliminating school violence. The school authorities, the staffs and other guards inside the school cannot keep monitoring all the activities of the children. For example, a brawl can happen inside the school bathroom. There is no way that a guard or the concerned in-charge comes to know about such a situation. But there will be other students who will be witnessing this brawl. Hence if these students who are witnesses become responsible then school violence can be prevented very easily.


The only need of the hour is to make students responsible. They have to have some sort of compassion towards their fellow beings in order to avoid school violence. They should not simply keep quiet if they see any brawl or any use of drugs or weapons. They should be prompt in reporting these matters to the school authorities and the rest will be taken care by them. I am sure this will not take much of an effort on the part of the students because they only need to inform the authorities about such malpractices. If all students have this attitude then school violence will be an unknown commodity in the future.


In addition to being responsible, the student has to be tactful as well. He should know how to handle a situation. He should be good enough to avoid a fight or any kind of torture from other bully students. Even if he is intimidated or pulled into a fight, the student should be wise enough to go away from that and inform it to the authorities. The student should never be hesitant in reporting such matters to the school staffs fearing that the bully students will cause further harm. Bully students are also students like you and the only difference is that they are arrogant. But if they are treated in a strict and stern manner then they will be in place very easily. So the child should not be hesitant in reporting the matter to either the school teacher or other concerned staffs.


Students can contribute in another ways also. They can explain the importance of having a proper attitude to the bully students. Though this is a much complex task, it can be tried by the students. I am sure at least one bully child can be cured from his illness. If the student finds it hard to deal with that bully child in making him understand the facts then make it a point that no other student joins his ally. Allies are the biggest strengths of bullies. They are strong only if they have company. So if you deprive him of that company then dealing with a solo person is quite simple.


Students are the future of a country and they can do possibly anything if they want to. Students are the ones who can deal with other fellow students in the best manner. So it should be the responsibility of the students of any school to avoid any instances of school violence.