Fight School Violence

The instances of school violence are increasing day by day and the school administration is finding it quite difficult to control this problem as well because students are easily becoming victims of violent activities like bullying, physical abuse, verbal abuse etc by a bunch of bullies. The problem could have been somehow solved if it was only because of the bullies. The biggest problem is that timid and innocent children are also involved in violent activities because of the severe psychological stress and impact caused by these bullies. So how will you fight school violence?


Contribution of the Parents:

Parents have a big role in fighting school violence. They are the ones who should be eliminating the arrogant children inside a school. Arrogant children are a result of negligence and lack of love. So parents should be wise enough to monitor all activities of their child and also give them sufficient love, care and affection. The parents should strive hard to make their child grow in a proper atmosphere so that he develops a proper attitude. The parents should be responsible in all their activities and should be discussing all issues related with their ward to the teachers and staffs concerned.


Contribution of the Teachers:

Teachers are the ones who can eradicate school violence once and for all. They have to take care of each and every student and watch them as closely as possible. For example, a teacher should watch all the movements of an arrogant child, the friends of that arrogant child etc. Moreover teachers have an influence on school violence as well. Most of the fights happening inside a classroom are because of jealousy and hatred. Jealously and hatred can easily grow in a child if a teacher is biased. If the teacher is specific in pointing out the mistakes of that particular child or if the teacher scolds a child unnecessarily then chances of him to develop hatred are more. Hence teachers should understand these factors in order to avoid such problems.


Contribution of School Administration:

School administration has a meaty role in reducing school violence. They should implement strict policies regarding any unwanted activities inside the school campus. They should advice the teachers and students to report any instances of violent activities inside the school. Now the important thing that the school administration has to take care is about taking the necessary steps. They should act promptly whenever they have any problems related with school violence. The culprits should be punished severely.


Contribution of Students:

Students can contribute to the elimination of school violence as well. They should be responsible and never indulge in any kind of brawls and also advice other students also. They should never stay silent whenever they witness any illegal activities happening inside the school campus. They should report such instances promptly to either the teachers or the school administration. Such actions by the students will create fear in the minds of students who indulge in illegal activities and this will help in reducing school violence in a great deal.