Defusing school violence

School violence is a very great problem and day by day it is becoming a more serious problem in schools. Most of the schools are suffering from this problem. In the United States alone there are an end number of cases where the students are creating violent activities and performing bullying, teasing on other students. There are various methods through which these types of activities can be stopped. It is a noteworthy fact that home is the first school of child and if parents provide proper guidance and support to the children then it becomes very easy to prevent school violence. Patents should give their children proper environment for study and provide support for extra-curricular activities. If great care, love and proper assistance would be provided to children then students will not go for the wrong or the violent ways. For preventing violent activities, parents can also take the help of counselors and psychiatrists in order to understand their problem. A good counselor or psychiatrist can better understand the problem of children and can better assist them on the issues related to the personal problem, social problem, career related problem and any other problem.  


In order to prevent school violence, schools should also take certain measures and proper action. For example schools should provide better study environment, sort out the problems of each and every student and if problem still persists then they should also appoint counselors in the school. Extra activities other than studies like meditation, games etc can also help the students. Meditation is the best way to remove all stress and depression and it also provides complete relaxation of mind and if it is done regularly then it can also help in studies as well. For the security purpose, the schools should appoint guards so that any type of miss happenings can be avoided. Proper metal detectors should be there in the schools so that any student carrying weapons in the school can be prohibited. Schools can include computer gaming, ground related games regularly in order to remove any type of stress and depression in the school premises. Great care should be taken if a student is going beyond the limits of discipline. Teachers as well as other students should report violent activities or planning of any type of violent activities to the school administration so that proper actions should be taken.


There are some schools that give extra home work and daily teasing to the students like regular study without giving break. Such types of activities create stress among the students and as a result they become violent. Each and every child has some creativity in the mind so it is the responsibility of the teachers and parents that they should help the students to enhance their creativity. Parents and teachers should behave like a friend so as to understand the feelings and problems of children. And a better way to prevent school violence is to give them motivational and inspirational lectures on a weekly basis.