Ways to prevent Violence in your own School

As school violence cases are increasing each day, certain precautionary measures are being come up with to prevent violence in school. Precautionary measures can be taken by the school, the child’s parents and even the child’s friends.


It is very essential that your child needs a safe and secure environment for learning and does not become a school violence victim. Nowadays, it is being reported about the high rise in the cases of school violence. This would definitely worry a child’s parents regarding the safety of their child in school. Every school has some of their children who are bullies and harass others. There are some children too who turn aggressive over petty issues. In such situation it is the moral duty of the school to take precautionary steps in order to avoid violence at school. Following are some of the precautionary steps that can be taken:


Seminars should be held in schools from time to time so that the student learns how to solve a problem in a constructive manner rather than a destructive one. Encouragement should be given to students that the problems should be shared among friends rather than fighting with each other. Extra curricular activities and sponsored programs must be held in school so that all students get a chance to be together in one place and also get to bond with each other as well.


Strict guidelines and policies should be made concerning school violence. Any student who shows a sign of aggressive behavior must have his parents informed about it by his friends or school authorities so that counseling on him/her can be done on time. If the student offences repeatedly then the school must suspend him/her from attending school for some days. Taking care of such student is very important. He/she must be counseled by parents and teachers and also must be encourages to behave in a creative manner rather than a violent one. Strict policies must be maintained regarding the restriction of gang and gang activities inside the school compound.


To prevent any form of school violence the school must take adequate security measures. It is generally seen that most cases of school violence occur during the recess or the before and after hours of school. Security guards must be monitoring all over the places to see if any kind of violent act is going on. If the guard sees any such thing then he must immediately report it to the school authorities about it. PTA’s help can be taken in school to avoid violence. Places such as cafeteria, hallways and bathrooms must be guarded during the breaks to make sure that any form of violence does not take place.


All schools must provide their students with identity cards. The identity cards must be checked before a student enters the school campus so that no outsiders can enter the school. The places where the time is spent by the students during breaks when they are not in class must be equipped with security cameras and metal detectors. Metal detectors must be placed at school entrance so as to ensure that no student is carrying any kind of lethal weapons.


Parents must involve actively in keeping check on school violence. Parents must be encouraged to speak up to their children in a polite manner and ask their children about the day’s activities. Parents can sense something wrong if the child doesn’t respond like he/she usually does. Parents can make out if some person or something is bothering their child. In order to let the situation go out of control the parents can take precautionary measures for the same.


These are some of the points which can prove to be very helpful when a school violence incident is about to occur.