Effective Steps to Prevent School Violence

The violence in school campus growing every day and we very all know this kind of violations as school violence. Often the violence reach as far as that we see usage of dangerous weapons like knife and gun. This Kind of violence not only ruins the future of the violent child but other children also get affected. Some time the situation get so much critical that many children refuse to go back to school again because of fear. We have to secure the future of our child and only through that we can secure our nation’s future.

We can take following vital steps to stop school violence:

It’s all parents’ duty to take care of their child. Hence they should have a loving, caring and healthy atmosphere at home. The must keep a close eye on child’s activity and behavior. Parents have to make sure that they show interest in child’s activity. Teachers must be proactive to communicate with the students. It is also helpful if the parents and teachers communicate frequently.

Parents should take care that they maintain a clean atmosphere at home. Children learn from what they see around them. House also the main place of their learning, Hence any kind of domestic violence or argument can create violence in child’s mind. Uses of proper language by the parents are also very important.

Child can face difficulties or hurdle in life. Lack of experience can cause kids to take wrong decision. Hence its very much portents’ and teachers duty to communicate with the children regularly and find out if there any issue which might be bothering them. By proper guidance and advice a child can overcome all difficulties.

Child’s mind and behaviors can be complex some time. Therefore Parents and teachers must keep a close eye on child’s activity. Any irregular behavior must be noted and consulted. At the same time school authority can arrange for counseling session. Proper diagnosis is very important; therefore right measures can be taken to prevent any kind of outburst of violence in a child. Teachers and parents also can consult with counselor and that will create correct awareness about the child’s state of mind.

The kind of programs a kid watches on television also can affect his nature. Therefore its parent’s duty to keep an eye on them. Any kind of vulgar, abusive or violent program should be avoided. Parents must be selective about the kind of movies their kid watches. Another very important factor today’s life is computer games. Often games contain lot of violence; hence parents should take proper measures to keep their kids away from such kind of games.

The security system of the school must be well organized and effective. Regular check on school campus is a must. Any violation of the rule must be treated in a strict way. All kinds of weapons must be banned in and around school campus.

If parents, teacher and school authority work together and take proper measures, its very much possible to stop school violence effectively.