Students contributing to stopping school violence


With the advent of reality television shows and innumerable computer games that are based on aggression like boxing, fighting with guns and various other sports that push up the adrenalin of the children, there are many instances where children start displaying this impatience and aggression in their daily lives. One of the places where children act as bullies and harass others is in school. Other than the above reasons, there are students who come from homes where love and respect is not showered on them and parents are abusive and short-tempered. This in turn affects the child and he/she tends to behave in the same aggressive manner in school. Whatever be the reason, there has been an increasing trend of violence in schools that needs to be immediately tackled.
Students can contribute in a very important manner in preventing school violence. Hence, they need to be involved strongly in the fight against school violence.
Students must go through workshops that focus on anger management skills and positive attitude. They must be taught right from the start to focus on the positive aspects of any person or thing rather than just despise the negative aspects. This attitude will help them in dealing with all kinds of people and situations in life. Teachers as well as parents play an important role in developing a child’s attitude towards life.
Students should be inculcated with values of friendship and care by their teachers in school. When a student finds any of his colleagues in a low or depressive mood, acting in an aggressive or violent manner, getting into use of drugs, bullying other students or being bullied by others, carrying dangerous weapons or talking about creating any kind of menace in class or school, the student should take immediate action by bringing the matter in front of the higher school authorities. The school authorities can then take all adequate measures to stop any form of violence that could come up and get in touch with the parents of the student indulging in any of the above activities and work towards counselling them out of their negative attitude.
There are children who come from poor backgrounds, homes where they are abused by parents or neighbours and those who live with single parents and are deprived of adequate love. Other students can help such deprived students by forging good friendship with them, sharing their lunch boxes during breaks and treating them with love and respect. This will make up for the poor and deprived students to some extent for the lack of love and respect at home.
If any student gets an inkling that his/her friend is into drugs or bad company, then the student should inform the parents of the friend about it so that they can look into the matter and take appropriate steps to prevent their child from straying from the right path.
There are times when students fall into depression and start behaving in a very irritated manner when they score low grades in exams. The fellow friends can help the student by talking back in a friendly manner and motivating the aggrieved student that he/she must look forward to do better and make him/her realise that all the friends are together with him/her. This can provide some comfort and motivation to the aggrieved student and make him/her realise the futility of being irritated and angry.
Students can always help their fellow colleagues in times when they are going through a lean and low phase and prevent them from going astray.