Throwing out violence from school

The schools in America are facing the problem of violence and it has been affecting the country in a very big way. If we look at the number of schools that have gone through the issue of violence in school, then most of the schools would be the ones belonging to the United States of America. There are many ways in which violence in school can be brought to a halt and the first step in this regard should be taken by the parents by providing a calm and violence-free environment to their kids as that would have a great soothing effect on their minds which would result in them committing no violence related crimes at school. Parents should also equally support heir kids in their studies as well as their extra curricular activities. The parents should engulf their kids with love and affection to ensure they do not see their kids getting involved in violence. They can also take help from psychiatrists and counselors as these people are experts at dealing with issues involving kids and they have also proved their worth by making wonderful changes in the kid’s behaviour.


The school should also appoint counselors in schools for their students as that would come in handy. But the most important thing is that the school should provide an environment which discourages these students from committing crimes and encourages them to concentrate more on their studies. The school should promote extra curricular activities for the kids and conduct inter-school competitions on a regular basis as this would keep the students occupied. They should also conduct meditation and yoga sessions for the kids as that will help soothe and relax the minds of the kids and would keep them cool. As far as the security is concerned, the standards for security in the school must be very high and there must be metal detectors and other equipments given to the security men to help them find out kids who bring objectionable materials to school. There should be gaming facilities installed by the school authorities on campus for all those students who want to take a break from the routine day at school and do some fun and enjoy their time with friends. The school must ensure that those games are not violent and are not based on objectionable themes. The teachers should handle their kids with lot of love and affection, similar to what the parents do at home, and if these teachers find the kids violating and going beyond their limitations, then they should immediately report such students to the higher authorities.


There are schools which put a lot of burden on their students by giving them regular home works or something to do with studies even after school hours. Such practices should be stopped because this creates a lot of burden on the students and ends up making them feel stressed and depressed. Instead of dumping them with home works, the school can look at the special and creative talents of the kids and take steps to enhance those creative skills of theirs. The students should be looked at as friend by the teachers and the parents and the school authorities must ensure that motivational and inspirational speeches must be arranged for the kids in school on a regular basis. The kids or students are the future of the nation and if they are handled and groomed in a very good manner, then the future of the nation would definitely be always bright.