Battle it out against violence in school

School violence is no more a rarity and is becoming quite common now. This is one way through which students expresses their feelings in a very violent manner when they are disturbed or stressed by parental and peer pressure. Neither the teachers nor the parents are aware of what the student wants or are capable of and start putting huge responsibilities and burdens of expectations on him. As a result the student gets depressed and he throws out his depression on the people around him like his teachers, friends and other people. In order to stop this from happening, appropriate measures should be taken by the parents and the teachers.


Teachers should ensure that they maintain a very friendly and easy relationship with their students. They should not be like teachers but they should be more like their career guides or mentors. If this happens, then the students find it very easy to move with the teachers and they would also be able to share their thoughts and feelings with the teachers. Such friendly atmosphere in schools will ensure that no student gets stressed or lonely and does not show his emotional instability to other people in the form of violence.


Students nowadays are exposed to lot of unnecessary things and unavoidable things like violence in the form of media, student peer pressure, expectations from teachers and parents, etc. All these things stresses out the students and these students show out this stress in the form of anger and violence. It is very important that these students are trained how to mange their anger and how to ventilate it in the right manner. Anger management workshops would come in very handy in this regard. 


Parents must ensure that these kids are not exposed to any kind of violence and see to it that they are not allowed to watch movies which have lot of violence. They should not be allowed to play computer games where there is lot of blood and killing. Instead parents should use that spare time to talk and interact with them. You should talk to them as to what is happening in their school, how are they finding studies or what new extra curricular activity have they indulged themselves in. It would be even better if you are able to go out with them and talk to him over a cup of ice-cream. The other most important thing is that never get into an argument or a physical altercation with your spouse as that would put a very negative effect on the kid. Kids learn very quickly especially if their parents are their teachers. 


Parents should ensure that they are in touch with the teachers of their kids as they would help them in being updated about the activities of your kids in school where you are not around. It is also advisable to maintain good relationships with the supporting staff and the security people so that you are informed by them if the student is creating any problem or not and you can immediately take action.


Student should be taught to love their neighbours and the people around them. It would be very helpful as they would inform important issues like a fellow student feeling low and sick during class hours or feeling depressed and sad or may be report another student being in possession of a weapon or arm as this would be very helpful for the teachers to inquire into the matter and decide future course of action.


It is very important that we fight school violence and throw it from our lives so that we can ensure very good atmosphere for our students which would in turn help them become great citizens in the future.