Can anyone imagine the agony of any parents who sent their children to study only to be greeted with the news thereafter that the child is dead in the name of social vice of school violence? In the United State of America most importantly, the speed at which school violence increases is alarming and worrisome. This shameful act had claimed the lives of so many children and teachers.


Solution is not in view unless the schools and parents strictly adhere to the three level of approach as discussed below:


1.     Physical Approach:   Trained and most experience security guards should be employed for physical checking and control. Let the guards embark on routine checks of bags and lockers whenever anything incriminating or suspicious is found, this should instantly be reported to the management. Periodic seminars on anger management will shed lights on ways and manner to curtail and control student’s anger. To resolve conflict amicably, conflict management classes should be introduced to the students. To relax the mind, body and soul, another class called mediation can help to douse tension amongst students. In addition, if any school is keened on reducing violence, availability of career counseling experts will also complement the aforementioned.


2.     Personal Approach:    In this regard, professional counselors who major in child psychology should be hired by the school. With regular interactions by the counselors in a friendly atmosphere, a lot could be achieved. As counselor maintain balance between formal and informal relationship with the students without violating their rights, areas of strength and weakness of each student could be spotted. An atmosphere that is free of tension and stress will enable students freely share their thoughts desires and their view of life. On the other hand, what is ethically good or bad can be instilled in them for guardian.


3          At this junction, the government should not be looking while some group of student is dragging the country to the Stone Age, anarchy and confusion. The law should be allowed to have its course as no single individuals or group is bigger than the corporate entity. As long as fundamental human right is in place, it should be reminded that the law stipulates limitations to these. In the United States of America possession of weapons should be strictly regulated and monitored. This law should most especially be restricted to certain age limits. With the efforts of the government and bullying officers should be deplored to schools to monitor and report activities capable of breaking down law and order.


Having religiously adhered to the listed points, our school shall be rid of violence and peace as of old shall return.