Putting a stop on school violence


It was really the thing of past when schools were just limited to imparting knowledge to the students. Today along with studies, there are many other things being provided to the students. The modern era schools along with studies provide many other facilities related to sports, career, communication, computer education etc. Also it is a noteworthy fact that nowadays the competition is quite tough in schools in comparison to earlier schools. Everyone wants his child to perform best in all the activities but unfortunately it is not possible. A person can do well in one or two fields but he cannot become perfect in all the fields. Few years ago, only medical and engineering fields were considered as a very strong field but now the scenario has changed. People now have accepted that all fields either communication or media or sports have their own importance and people should focus on them also.
Every child has his own interest and hobbies. The main thing is to understand this interest, and provide proper guidance and knowledge to let him grow according to his capabilities. This can be done with the joint efforts of both the parents and teachers. It is important to mention here that in the absence of proper guidance, school violence type of activities can take place.
School violence is becoming a very big problem these days. School violence can be defined as any type of wrong activity or harm done by students against classmates and teachers. Due to tough competition students feel stressed and depressed and as a result they fail to perform well in studies. This result in putting a psychological pressure on the students, and they start doing mischievous activities that ultimately lead to school violence. In order to prevent such condition, teachers and even parents should take certain measures and provide proper guidance and support to the children.
It is important to understand that home is the first school of a child where the basic things are learnt by him. In the absence of parents especially in the case of working parents, the child prefers to do whatever he wants either it is wrong or right. No one tells him, what is wrong and what is right for his future. When working parents come in the evening then the child with the curious mind asks different type of questions. But due to lack of energy they don’t give suitable answer or give wrong answers to his questions and as a result child takes wrong decision on all matters. Later on, this situation can take the form of school violence.
In order to avoid such type of situation, people need to keep an eye on what their child is doing and thinking in their absence. Parents are advised to give proper time and attention to their children. Under any circumstances, they should not neglect their children as this can result into a very bad impact on the small brain of the children.
Also parents should maintain a very friendly nature with their children. They should offer such environment where children feel comfortable to discuss on any matter with their parents. By all these ways, school violence can be checked very easily.