Strategy to curb school violence


Problem of school violence has increased a lot in the recent years especially in the United States of America. School violence has taken the lives of many people including children and teachers. Parents are sending their kids to schools for studies but in return they are losing their children. So it is becoming very important to curb the violence occurring in schools.
If schools and parents really want to stop school violence then they have to make strategy at three levels. These three levels are legal level, personal level and physical level.
At the legal level government should do some efforts towards school violence. United States of America is not having any strict laws against the buying of weapons. They are easily available to everyone. So in order to prevent violence they should change the law and some serious restrictions should be made against the use of weapons by children. Officers from the anti bullying police should be hired by schools and they should keep an eye on the activities that are occurring in the schools. Any suspicious activity should be controlled immediately. Government and schools should take strict action if they found any weapon with the children or if they see children performing violent acts.
If you talk about personal level then the schools should appoint counselors. These counselors are the people who are trained in child psychology and they can give right guidance to the students. Counselors should interact with students on the regular basis and they should also provide them guidance related to their career. Teachers should also talk politely with students. They should also try to interact more and more with students and should help them at the time of difficulty. Teachers should provide proper love and care to the children and they should ask the parents to do the same. Environment of the school should be open and should give students full freedom to communicate properly. It is the duty of the schools to teach students the difference between good and bad so that they can judge better on their own.
At the physical level schools should make strategies like guards should be given training on school violence. Regular checking of the bags and lockers should be done by the guards. If guards see or found anything suspicious then they should report it to the higher authorities. Classes on anger management and conflict management can help a lot in reducing school violence. Anger management classes will help in controlling student’s anger whereas conflict management classes will help in resolving conflicts. Mediation is the best way of relaxing body, mind and soul. So schools should arrange such kind of classes as this will help students a lot in relaxing their mind, body and soul. Career counseling classes by great career experts can help in reducing the violence that is occurring in schools.
If schools are able to adopt the above mentioned strategies then there are chances that they are able to get rid of such dreadful school violence.