Contribution of other students in curbing the school violence

Media is not ready to leave even a small incident in the school to flash in the newspapers as this is the hot topics of the day.  School violence is increasing to a great extent in the schools of the United States. The violence is in the form of small arguments leading to big fights and eventually shoot outs. It is a national threat to have such issues in the schools where students are supposed to study and contribute to the nation. The reason for this type of acts by the students lies in the hands of the students themselves. They must be going through a phase of depression and anxiety due to tension from home if their parents are fighting and not giving time for their children. It is easy to divert their minds to some other track because when a person is at an emotional state, the natural tendency of the mind is to escape from it. They would search for alternative ways to help themselves and eventually become drug addicts. The emotional outburst of the kids is dangerous as they accumulate all the tension within themselves and suddenly burst out at one point of time. It is important to share problems with peer mates or teachers to stay tension free and have a control over the emotions.


Apart from the subjective studies in the curriculum of the students they should also have anger management classes and other classes to attend so that they can have control over the emotions. Anger is the most destructive emotion which is not good for the individual himself as well as for the people around him. Control of this emotion will bring down the numbers related to the school violence.


The idea of teams is a good option in identifying any such element in the students. People suffering from depression tend to stay alone and does not mingle with other students in the class. Being in a team, they have to respond to the other team mates and hence it would help them in keeping their minds busy.


Few of the important points that should be considered while observing the behaviour of the students are as follows.

  • Student is showing depressive behaviour and not mingling with anyone in the class for many days.
  • Students are found missing classes and mingling with other groups which are not having a good record.
  • Change in the behaviour of the student suddenly in terms of aggression and the use of language.
  • Students found taking drugs or purchasing drugs from the other students in the campus.


The contribution of other children in curbing school violence is that they should inform any suspicious behaviour to the higher official.


Students can also inform the affected kid’s parents if they are finding that he/she is going through some sort of depression and needs help. These actions taken by the students can help control the factors responsible in the school violence.