How can one contribute to stop school violence in their schools?

A safe environment is must in schools so that the students would be able to study with peace of mind. But there are cases of school violence increasing every single day leaving us with a question that whether schools can be safe.  Harassment, riots in the schools are being reported by the press as well and it has become an issue to debate on and come up with a good solution in order to reduce problems.  Showing frustration on small matters cannot be taken lightly these days. Any change of behaviour of the student in the school as compared to his/her behaviour previously is enough to set an alarm for the upcoming threat. Precautions when taken would solve half of the issue and the following precautions can be considered.


Regular programs or workshops which can teach the students to be progressive rather than being destructive is very important in making the schools a safer place without any issue of violent behaviour. The extra curricular activities of the school can bring students together in terms of artistic approach and creativity and competition like dance. Students should be able to share resources and mingle with other students in the campus.


Rules and policies related to conflicts of this sort should be clearly defined and any aggressive noticed behaviour should be brought to the notice of the parents and immediate action should be taken. Suspension of students from the schools is commonly seen when the aggressive behaviour prolongs. This is done for the safety of other students in the school and it is one of the necessary measures that should be taken to minimize violence. Counselling is an alternative measure in bringing down the aggressive behaviour in the students instead of going to the level of suspension.


Security measures such as appointing guard to safe guard the school against such activities is one of the best options. Most of the riots are seen to take place before or after the commencement of classes. The presence of the security guard at these times will be helpful in avoiding any on break of fights. Most common places where it is likely to get violent are cafeteria, bathrooms and hallways. These should be guarded to help protect the school’s reputation.


It is important that the identity of the student is checked before they enter the school premises. There can be either an automated system to perform this check or the security guard can examine the id cards of the students before entering the campus. Checking their bags for any sort of weapons can also help and having a metal detector would be advantageous. Security cameras when placed at the right positions through out the campus would be of great help in identifying the root cause of the school violence.


When parents are careless, it can lead to such problems. Hence parents should analyze the whereabouts of their children and help schools in saving their reputation.