Contribution of the Students to stop School Violence

School violence is a common sight in most of the schools. Various reasons account for the students turning violent. Violence can be prevented if proper measures are taken on time. One such method is the help from fellow students who can deal the situation with ease.


There are numerous television shows and computer games that solely based on violence. These include boxing, fighting using arms and ammunitions and many other sports which help to raise the confidence in children. As a result, immature minds as the children are, start imitating the scenes from the games or movies in their real lives too. Schools are ones of the places where children harass others and act as bullies. Apart from the above reason, there are children who always quarrel with their parents or are not shown enough affection by the parents. Some children face the abuse and short temperedness of the parents too. This affects the minds of the children and in turn they show the frustration and violence in front of other students in school. Reasons might be many but violence in schools have been on the rise which has to be tackled immediately.


School violence can be prevented with the active contribution of students. Hence to fight against the school violence the students need to be involved strongly.


Students must make sure that they go through workshops that focus mainly on positive attitude and anger management skills. Rather than just despising the negative aspects of other students, the students, from the beginning must be taught to focus on the positive aspects of any person. By developing this kind of attitude the student can deal with different kinds of people and situation in life. A child’s attitude towards life is developed with the help of teachers and parents as well.


The teachers in school must help the students inculcate the values of friendship and care. On case a student finds his friend or colleague in a depressive mood, behaving in an aggressive or violent manner, being bullied by other students or bullying others, getting into use of drugs, carrying lethal weapons or is talking about creating a nuisance in class or school then the higher authorities of the school should be informed immediately. The school authorities can prevent any kind of mishap from happening by taking appropriate steps to stop violence. The parents of the student will be informed by the school authorities about the student’s behavior. The parents can then take proper care and take the student to the counseling too.


Some of the children come from homes where they are always abused or badly treated by family or neighbors and some children live with single parents as a result they don’t get enough love and affection. Such deprived students can be helped by other students by befriending them, sharing lunch boxes during breaks and even treating the deprived student with love and respect. This way the deprived students will forget their frustration and violent nature to some extent.


A student must see to it that his/her friend doesn’t fall into a bad company. If the student gets any slightest idea about his friend taking drugs then he should immediately inform the friend’s parent about it so that appropriate steps can be taken in order that their child stop going on the wrong path.


Low grades scored in exams are one of the reasons that depress a student and make him behave in an awkward manner. The depressed student should be talked to in a friendly manner by his/her fellow friends. The friends must motivate the student to work harder for the next exam and that there is no need to worry as the friends are there with him/her Comfort will be provided to some extent to the aggrieved child and the friends can also make him/her realize the consequences of violence.


Students can be of a great help when their friend is getting diverted to a wrong path.  Students must help their friend out of such situation and comfort him/her.