Violence is violence whichever way you look at it. Being it student violence, violence student or what have you. It does not just happen; it is in most cases prompted by depression, frustration, loneliness and many more. Most students indulge in violent activities, these days because of stiff competitions here and there and the corresponding higher expectations from parents.


In the nutshell, student can be hindered from school violence in the following ways:


1.          Preach peace and propagate side effects of violence. It is agreed that most students ignorantly getting involve in violence, but if his/her colleagues made him to see the evil in it, the student could readily abandon the old way.

2.          Association and Co-operation:  Student should give a helping hands to their teacher in combating violence. On the other hand, they should not stigmatize the identified culprits. Rather should be determined to assist them in that situation.

3.          Students should be ready to be their brother’s keeper. Because of their informal relationship, they freely divulge secrets that they could not tell their teachers and parents. Students are advised to have a listening ear, loving heart and jointly ready to see one’s problem as general problem that require logical solutions.

4.          Deadly Weapon:   If any suspicious weapon is notice with any students, they should not treat it with levity; rather they should make immediate report to the school authority.

5.          Violent game should be Discourages:   Violence TV serial shows and immoral movies should be seen as a destroyer and then be lifted with perfect hatred. By extension help their colleagues to do same.

6.          Offer Studies Solution:  It is a known fact that we are not equally gifted. Your area of strength is another, weakness and vis-à-vis. Let students be prepared to help out the weak one in there various classes. By this, frustration and depression are kept out of the way.

7.          Meditations:   Meditation is the acts of refreshing and renewing of ones mind. This should be encouraged at interval in a conducive atmosphere.

8.          Hobbies Discoverer:  All work without play makes jack a dull boy. Consciously cultivate and develop your hobbies. This could be reading, sports, etc. Generally hobbies improve life and career. It is not hobby if it does not make you become better person.

9.          Timely Information:  Whenever any student is suspected of violent activities, he/she should be reported to the school management without further delay. Failure to do this early enough can even claim the life of the friends who fail to report by the time of manifestation.

10.      Form or Belong to Associations:   In school, we have various associations: that include, literary and debating society, junior engineers, press club, drama/cultural group etc. Student within these subgroups are closely related and even better to engage a violent activities.