Role of Students in Reducing School Violence

Students have a major role in reducing school violence and other activities that are illegal and inappropriate for students. However their role can be defined in two ways. One role is in which the students take necessary steps and actions in countering school violence and the other role is not exactly dealt with students. It is mainly associated with the school authorities, teachers and parents who have to train and develop the students in order to avoid school violence. We will discuss these two roles of the students in a deeper perspective.


The first role is exclusively about students being directly involved in controlling school violence. It is a situation where the student has to understand the vagaries of violence inside the school campus. For example, a young student is easily susceptible to picking up a fight with other students who tease them or irritate them. So if this student retaliates in his own way then there arises school violence. Both parties will have grudge on each and they will go at each other with such fierce and anger that anyone or either of them will incur severe physical as well as mental damage.


Hence the wise thing for the students to do in such situations is to avoid getting into a brawl even if they are intimidated. The child should stay calm and composed even if he is pushed to the limits. All he has to do is to take this matter to the school authorities and inform them about the students who bullied them. The school authorities will take the necessary actions that will eliminate the chances of any future problems as well. The school authorities cannot remain idle in such cases because there are stricter laws which severely punish any school that remain non-responsive to violent activities in its campus.


The student has to report any illegal possession of weapons and bullying activities by bully children on other innocent children in order to avoid school violence. This is the look of a responsible child and since school authorities and teachers cannot be on the vigil on all the activities of the students, it should be the duty of the responsible section of students to take the necessary actions to avoid such incidents. They should never be afraid in complaining such matters to the school authorities. By reporting these matters to the staffs they are not only saving the innocent children but also the bully children.


The other role of students in eliminating school violence is to create awareness in them about the vagaries of school violence by parents, teachers and the school authorities. The students should be taught each and every aspect about the aftermaths and ill effects of school violence. Proper counseling and advice on these matters will give them an idea on how much severe these issues can be. This will also make the arrogant children realize their mistakes and they will never indulge in activities like these in the future.