The Role of Students in Preventing School Violence

The school violence problem is a problem that must be tackled with all seriousness in order to get rid of it once and for all. It can only be eliminated by the collective efforts of all the stake holders in the issue that include the school authority, the teachers, the security personnel as well as the community leaders as a whole. However, each of the groups mentioned above have their unique roles to play. This article is concerned with discussing the roles that students themselves should play in the quest for eradicating violence in our schools.


One good method that may prove to be highly effective is that the students should endeavor to give warm support to the violent student by helping him to improve in his academic works. They may as well help him in solving his personal problems. This strategy will make the student feel better and this way, he will not want to harm his fellow friends that turn out to be helpful and caring to him.


Another strategy is that the student with the violent problem should not be allowed to be lonely and he should not be snubbed. He should be made to feel accepted and at home among peers. He should be shown respect, love and appreciation. This method has a strong effect on the student.


The student with the violent problem may be advised to seek for the help of counselor and psychiatrist who would offer him solutions to his academic, personal as well as social problems. A counselor or a psychiatrist may analyze the problem of the student and give practical steps to solve the problem.


Close surveillance can help a lot in reducing the violent behavior of a student. The students may closely monitor the activity of the violent student. At anytime he is about to engage in any undesirable act, the students should quickly report to the school authority.

By taking the quick step of reporting to the school authority the signs of violent out break, that attempt may be checked. Ultimately, school violence may be prevented and eradicated completely.


The students should reason with the violent student on the ill of the violence and make him understand the difficult situation he is putting many people into. He should also be made to understand the ultimate end of violent person. If he understand that much he may  refrain form it.


The students should expose those violent students having weapons in their possession immediately they see the weapons.


The students may suggest to their teachers the ways that security of the school may be improved.


These are some of the roles the students of a particular school can play in preventing school violence in their school. As mentioned earlier, the problem of school violence requires the participation of all stake holders to collectively work together with a view to completely doing away with it. It is highly desirable to achieve this goal so that our children can go to school without fear of any attacks from anybody.