How can students contribute to help stop school violence

At present, school violence is a major problem of any nation that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.  Not only does it creates problems for the students, parents and teacher but also creates problems pertaining to a nation’s growth and development.  In this sense, there is an immediate need to come up with proper steps to solve the problem.

Most people wonder about what could be the best solution to this kind of problem.  Is there an ideal way with which we can handle such problem and eventually put an end to it?  In reality, the solution to this problem is neither simple nor complicated.  It mainly depends on the joint effort of everyone, from students, to teachers, parents, friends and the society as a whole.  Below are some of the things that a student can do to contribute in helping out to stop school violence.

·         Support one another – normally, students are supportive in nature.  This can be an advantage, and an ideal solution in solving school violence.  Through supporting another student with violent nature; both by helping him cope with changes in his life, helping him with his studies and even assisting him in solving problems, they let the other student feel comfortable and thus eliminating any urge to do any violent activity.

·         Never let another student fell isolated – befriending a student with violent attitude let’s them feel that they are not alone.  Surveys say that students who have no friends are an ideal candidate in developing violent behavior.

·         Encourage other students to seek professional help – if a certain student says that they are stressed out because of academic, personal or even social issues and you feel that you are unable to provide any solution, it is best that you encourage them to see a counselor or a psychiatrist.  These professionals are specially trained in the field of child psychology and are the best persons that can understand what a student is experiencing and will be able to provide the best solutions to their problems.

·         By monitoring – Keep a close watch on other students can help lessen or prevent acts of violence in school.  If one student observes that another is acting suspiciously and is planning on doing some violent activity, they should report this immediately to a teacher or to the school officials.  If done within a timely manner, the school administration will be able to implement some preventive measures and also be able to counsel the said student about his plans, thus preventing an incident of school violence.

·         Explain the negative effects of violent behavior – Students may try to persuade violent students to turn over a new leaf by explaining to them about how violence can negatively affect their lives.  If they are able to understand that violence will only bring problems and disappointments to both themselves and their parents, then they might as well turn away from any violent activity.

·         Provide information regarding weapons being brought into the school – if students report a fellow student who is found to have possession of a weapon, then they are instantly taking a step into preventing school violence.

·         Students may request the school to appoint guards, or even set up metal detectors in entrances.  Guards and metal detectors help in preventing school violence by deterring students from bringing weapons to school.

By following and putting into practice the above steps, students can contribute a lot in preventing school violence.