Students’ Contribution against Violence in School

The high rise of violence in schools has become a dilemma in nearly all countries around the whole world. This trouble calls for a great concern in all corners of the world. This responsibility lies in the hands of all sections of the society and everyone should feel accountable in reducing the rising nuisance within the society.


Everybody has the responsibility to try to prevent this trend starting with the schools’ administration and the parents bearing the most burden. The students being the first victims of this malady ought to take the greatest part in curbing the recurrence of school violence. Students should be aware on what grounds violence in schools is likely to take place and the unfavorable effects behind the violence. The students should be prepared to know the different symptoms behind violence in schools and strive to minimize the probability of violence occurring.


Being the key victims, the students need to put the real effort against school violence and this should be treated well in proper consideration.  These contributions can be composed by merely looking at the conduct and performance of the children probably by their teachers in school or by their parents as well. Counseling lessons to make kids conscious of school violence should be carried out in recurrent intervals.


Initiatives should be made to warn students of any actions that might lead to abuse and violence. With immediate effect, the incidences should be reported to teachers in schools or their parents in order to take defensive measures and keep children away from any sort of violence. In addition, on learning that the kids are being engaged in nasty behaviors by listening to their conversations, adults should persuade them to talk openly and share the issues with their close ones at school or at home.  The condition can then be looked into.


Relating with the kids and familiarizing with other family members, parents can help to discern the behaviors of the children and the level of their morals. This can be a powerful mode of gathering the kids’ perception. By examining the educative materials used by the students, a look at what they like watching in the televisions or the types of sports they like to play one can gather several ideas of what is happening around the mind of the student. This can help the guardian to be sure if the student is being involved in any sort of violent actions or requires sessions of counseling to getting rid of the bad behavior.


The wide usage of computers and the internet also plays a big role in school violence because this is where they get access to a wide range of information. The students get fun by viewing different sites on the internet. An eye should be kept on them, if they are seen visiting any kind of illicit sites or they are cooperating with any sites and associates who seem to be engaged in any sort of illegal character the students should be given counseling especially if they are found to have copied obscene characters.