Student’s role in stopping school violence

School violence is one such problem that needs serious attention at present. It is not only creating problem for the students but for the parents and teachers as well. Also it is one such issue that is related to students who are the future of every country. Thus it is very important to take school violence as a very serious issue so as to find the best solution for it. 
Now you must be wondering how to get rid of this problem or what is the best way to deal with this problem? The answer to this question is not very simple but not very complicated as well. In one sentence, the solution of school violence problem lies within the joint efforts of parents, teachers, friends and society. Here some points are given to highlight the student’s role in stopping school violence. They are as under:
•Through supportive nature: Students can help the student with violent nature through their supportive nature. They can help him in his studies and other aspects that are troubling him. By that way the student will feel good and will not go for violence.
•By not letting the student isolated: Students can help the student with violent nature by not letting him all alone. Usually it is seen that the students who do not have friends are more likely to turn violent.
•By advising student to go for counselors: You can take the help of counselors or psychiatrist for providing them solutions related to academic, personal and social issues. A good counselor can understand the problem of students and can provide the significant solutions as well.
•By monitoring: By monitoring also one can prevent a student from doing violence in school. The students should keep a close watch on the activities of the violent student and if they feel he is thinking of doing anything wrong, then they should report the matter to the school management immediately. By timely information, the management can take preventive measures and by this way school violence will be stopped.
•By making the violent students understand the ill effects of school violence: The students should try to convince violent students how bad the violence is. They should tell them how violent activities can ruin their career and can bring bad name to them as well as to their family. Once the students realize how bad violence is, they will try to avoid it.
•By giving information about weapons in possession of violent student: If someone finds any type of weapon then he should bring that aspect in notice of the school administration immediately. By that way right action can be taken at right time by the management.
•Students should talk to their teachers so that they can make arrangement of guards and any other type of security measures like employing metal detectors etc. These types of security measures can surely prevent school violence.
By adopting above measures the students can help in preventing school violence.