When A School Mate is Acting Weird

Everybody gets into a bad mood once in awhile, right? I’m sure you can remember days where you or a friend were feeling down or upset or maybe even said things you didn’t mean or just didn’t feel like talking. Feeling sad or angry once in awhile is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about, but when it lasts more than a couple of days then it might be time to talk to someone about it. A lot of times, kids will do bad things not because they’re bad people but because they don’t know how to deal with their moods. Sometimes this is even because bad things happened to them that weren’t their fault. That’s why it’s important to help someone when they seem like something is not quite right.

If you ever notice a friend or even a classmate that you don’t speak to very much acting upset or sad you should tell your teacher about it. If you don’t want that person to know that you talked to the teacher about them all you have to do is ask your teacher not to tell them. You can trust your teacher to do the right thing. Sometimes their bad mood or strange behavior is nothing more than a bad day, but then there is also the chance that it’s because of something more serious, so telling your teacher can actually be the first step to helping them feel better and maybe even stop them from doing something that could get them into trouble.

We don’t want you to think that you need to report every last thing you see to a teacher, but there are certain things that you may notice that are considered warning signs that something is wrong. If you notice someone at school doing a couple of these things on the list, then you should talk to your teacher right away.

Tell your teacher:

  • If a kid seems sad all the time
  • If they get angry really easily
  • If you see someone hurting another person or animal or themselves
  • If you see a weapon
  • If someone tells you they are in a gang
  • If someone asks you to join a gang or to do something bad
  • If you see or get offered drugs or alcohol
  • If you see a kid that is always alone and doesn’t have many friends
  • If someone threatens you in anyway
  • If someone is a bully

Remember that by telling a teacher or parent about a student that seems to be acting strange or is sad or very angry, you are not going to get them in trouble or hurt them. By reporting these things you are doing your part to help them and to keep the students around you and yourself safe.