Inputs from students against school violence


School violence is a rapidly increasing trouble in almost all the countries of the world and so this problem is considered seriously across the globe. All the segments of the society are equally responsible for this and so everyone needs to need to contribute towards reducing this growing curse from our society.
Although everyone has a role to play in this direction starting from the parents till the school authorities and management but the most important role needs to be played by the students only who become the victims of this serious problem.
Students need to be made aware of the various causes of violence that might occur in schools and also the adverse effects of this violence. They also should be made aware of the several symptoms of school violence and abuse so that the chances of such occurrences can be controlled. As they become the victims of school violence the most genuine inputs can be obtained from the students themselves and these inputs should be well considered and then treated properly.
These inputs can be collected by either simply observing the behaviour, activities of the kids by their parents or even the teachers in the schools. There can be small counselling sessions by the counsellors on regular intervals to make kids aware of school violence.
The students should also be instructed that any incidence relating to violence and abuse should be immediately brought to the notice of either their parents or the school teachers so that preventive measures can be taken and the kids can be kept away from any kind of violence.
Also, if the adults listen to the talks of the kids and notice any kind of unpleasant behaviour or talk they should encourage them to be open and share it with their closed ones either at home or school so that the situation can be handled then and there itself.
Parents if try to mix with their kids friends and try to become familiar with them and their family members can also get a lot of information about their family values and behaviour and that can also be a very strong method of collecting input from the kids.
If close watch is kept on the reading material of the students and the kind of programs they watch  on television and the kind of games they enjoy playing one can get a fair idea of the mindset of the student and can easily find out if the student is engaged in any kind of violent activity or needs some kind of counselling session to get away from his problem.
The computers and the usage of internet is also an important source of information by looking at the kind of sites he enjoys browsing. It should also be monitored if he visits any kind of criminal activity site or is interacting with any kind of sites or members who might be involved in any kind of criminal nature and if such things are found the student should be immediately counselled.