School shooting


School shooting is increasing day by day in the United States of America. History is full of such incidents where school students had created havoc in schools by displaying large amount of school violence. They had even killed few students and teachers.
Violent students of the school are killing, threatening, bullying and fighting with other students, teachers etc. They are using weapons like guns and knives to threaten other students.
Columbine High School massacre incident that took place in the year 1999 was among the most dreadful incident of school violence. Two violent students Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris killed 1 teacher and 12 students. 21 other people were injured as well. Later on these two students have killed themselves.
Another incident took place in the year 1927 in which three bombings occurred in Bath Township, in Michigan, USA. Forty five people were killed and fifty eight were injured due to these bombings. These three bombings were being planned by Andrew Kehoe.
It is not the end there were other incidents as well that took place in the past where a large number of schools students have been killed by various violent students. Such kinds of activities are inhumane and schools should take necessary step to avoid them.
If parents and teachers take necessary steps in the childhood then it is easy to avoid or reduce violent attitude among kids-
·        Giving the atmosphere of love and comfort- house is the first home of the child and school is the second and if both these places are providing proper love, compassion and care to the children then the chances of children getting violent are very less. Love is the best medicine for this kind of attitude. Even if the child has become violent then also it can be reduced by providing proper love, affection and comfort.
·        Counseling- kids from the starting should be given lessons about the negative impact of such harmful and troubling behavior. They should know the demerits of having violent behavior and merits of non violent behavior. They should be told that killing human or anybody else or hurting anybody is inhumane and it should be avoided completely.
·        Conflict management classes- schools should arrange conflict management classes on regular basis. These classes should tell them about the ways of solving fights in better and healthy manner rather than getting physical.
·        Counselor on regular basis- schools can also appoint counselor or psychiatrists on regular basis. They can guide students and can counsel them in their difficulties. With the help of certain tests they can find out about the degree of violent attitude in the child. After knowing their degree they can help them in reducing their violent attitude.
·        Don’t leave children alone at the time of difficulty- at the time of difficulty children should not be left alone. If they are unable to solve difficulty then it can lead to frustration and in turn give rise to violent attitude.
Parents and schools can help a lot in reducing the child‘s violent attitude and if they pay proper attention at proper time then it becomes easy to prevent the incident of school shooting.