An Overview of School Violence

What is school violence?

Physical violence in schools among the students is termed as the school violence. The violence can be in any form which involves violation of school rules or violation by law. Not just the school environment but also the mind sets of the children are disturbed which is very much required for their effective growth. The future of the nation is in the hands of children and they should be held responsible for better future generations. So, the growth of the children in a proper direction is very important. Effective steps when taken by the school officials and the parents can reduce the cases of school violence reported across the world.

Does violent characteristics in a child is from birth?

Of course not, children are very innocent from birth and various factors are held responsible for their violent behavior. Circumstances change the path of children growth and lead them to several situations in live that due to emotions they become violent. They are fast in learning so it is important to bring only good things to their notice and not the wild behavior of the family members and the school officials. Hence it is very important for the growth of children that a healthy growth environment should be provided. They should be comfortable and their emotional needs should be satisfied from time to time.

It is very essential for parents to know that apart from school another place from where the children learn is home and a proper environment is a must. The character of an individual is shaped by their choices and the right environment and proper education would be a deciding factor in children’s behavior. The general problems which are the secondary to the abnormal behavior of the students are depression cause due to dissatisfaction and emotional distress. For a bright future of the child, contribution of the parents as well as the school is important.  Depression can be avoided by taking necessary steps way before any violence is encountered in the schools there by reducing assault cases in schools.

Does any medication needed to convert this violent attitude?

The violent attitude is the result of a hormone called adrenaline which gives immense courage to face danger. This hormone is important in small amount but excess can be dangerous to both the child as well as others around him. The secretion of this hormone can be controlled by several ways and this would help reduce the violent behavior. Medication is not the answer to the question given above.

The below points can be considered when dealing with children in stress are as follows.

·         Care & Affection:  The children should be given enough love and taken into their confidence that there is someone who can help with negotiation and violence is not the answer for every fight.

·         Psychological factors: A regular check up with the child psychiatrist whether they are affected or not can be helpful in indentifying the stressful elements.

·         Career counseling: It is another effective way to reduce stress related to choosing career.

·         WWW: The internet is a vast source and can provide ample amount of information for help.

·         Strict Actions: The children with violent behavior can spoil other kids and care should be taken to avoid this.