Time for Statistics on School Shooting

School shooting or school violence is the term that is used to define any form of violence that happens inside the school campus. School shooting these days began to happen in a much higher frequency than it was in the earlier days. It was relatively an unknown commodity in the sixties and seventies but it is very common these days to hear students indulging in activities that are beyond them i.e. murder, severe physical attacks, thefts, vandalism etc. The rates of school shooting in parts of North America are so high that parents are afraid to send their children to schools.


Statistics will provide a better picture on the present scenario regarding school shooting. The U.S. Department of education conducted a nationwide survey on the impact of school shooting and the occurrence rates of school shooting. The results they produced after their survey was quite stunning because the numbers were way too high to be believed. United States of America is on the top list in terms of school violence. The disturbing fact about survey was there is at least one student who loses his life every year because of school violence and its aftermaths.


Forty percent of the schools in United States of America have severe problems of school violence and ten percent out of these forty have at least one serious crime reported every year. This means that ten percent of these schools will produce at least one murder of a school student in their premises. This is very severe considering the fact that schools are one of the safest places for children to grow. There are sixty percentages of schools in United States of America which experience school violence but on a lesser scale i.e. no serious cases like murder or shooting but actions like robbery, vandalism are common in these schools.


Ninety percent of the schools in United States of America have problems related to vandalism and physical abuses. And almost ninety nine percent of the schools have problems related with bullies and verbal abuses. Another survey conducted in the schools regarding the possession of weapons revealed that most students have easy access to knives and guns these days. And forty percent of the schools have this problem where their students possess extremely dangerous weapons. These are just the numbers of those schools which were ready to accept their follies. Who knows? There may be even more incidents relating school violence which are closed down or hidden by the school administration to save their names.


Now, this is something that has to be considered very carefully. Schools these days are nothing but a terrorist hideout of sorts. They are not building a future generation but future terrorists who will blackout this entire world. The government and the school authorities have to take some serious steps in order to counter such activities. It is also the duty of the parents, teachers and the student themselves to be responsible enough to make schools a better place than what it is now.