Public Elementary School Violence

School violence is turning out to be a major problem, even having the international community concerned.  This problem is occurring in almost all parts of the world, proving that it is not unique to the United States of America and Europe.

Unfortunately, school violence is becoming more and more common in public elementary schools.  The most common act of violence an elementary school student does is in the form of physical and verbal aggression towards other students or even towards his teachers.

Evidence has shown that elementary school children develop their violent behavior because of the violence that they watch from various game shows, cartoons and movies shown on TV.  Shows like these contain a number of action sequences which provides a negative mindset on a watching child.  However, TV show are not the only culprits, what’s more important to notice is that a small child is like a dry sponge in a way that they will remember everything that they watch, and consider it right.  If a child often sees his elder brother or father in an act of abusing someone, he quickly remembers the act and practices it outside of their home.  With such, it is imperative that we provide children with a good atmosphere at home.

Teaching them to do something good, or being an example for children will help them learn and develop a good moral character.  Another thing to remember that is important that you know what kind of atmosphere a child is encountering at school.  If by any chance that a child is with a bad company of friends exhibiting a bad atmosphere, then it is best that you take initiative to try to change the child’s circle of friends or even the school.  Always remember that when it comes to your child’s future, never ever gamble with it.

A direct comparison between private and public elementary schools reveals that the atmosphere and child development is bit better in a private school than in a public school.  Statistically speaking, the total percentage rate of physical violence happening in public schools reaches an alarming 76%.  However, the percentage rates of acts of violence in private schools are about 62%, slightly lower by 14% when compared to a public school.

A Florida based non governmental organization released a report pertaining to the abnormal and violent behavior that students are exhibiting.  Considering a report which a school teacher submitted to the organization, if reveals that students in public schools has a 32.4% abnormal behavior score versus a 22% score for students in private elementary schools.

Basing from the reports, it is clear that both private and public elementary schools does not have a huge difference when it comes to school violence, however as it reveals, public elementary schools still needs a lot more development to address the issue.  There is however a strange issue concerning one report that the organization released, and this tackles the accountability of public elementary school officials.  As the original report by a teacher reveals, the registered percentage of students with violent tendencies in public schools scored only 64.7%.  The organization went out to survey the parents of the same public elementary school children and revealed the truth that the problem in public schools are scored to be 93.2%.  Very strange.