Boys indulging in violence in school

School violence is increasing like anything and it is proving a menace for the school and its students. Cases of school violence are showing up almost every day now and if this is how things are really going to be like in the future, then the nation and the school’s image would really get hit.


School violence is growing at an incredible rate if one has to go by the statistics. These violent people have not only caused damage to their own life but have also affected the lives of the teachers and other students in the school. The school violence that we are not just a simple fight or a small brawl but we are talking about some real serious stuff and that is something which might also take away someone’s life. There are thousands of children getting affected by school violence and there has to be something done about this. This is also affecting the academics of these children. And if we look at some of the reports, one would be shocked to find out every one person out of the ten who drop out of school is involved in school violence or bullying.


The students who mostly engage in violence are boys who think that violence is one way of showing their manliness. These boys do not do it individually but form groups and gangs among themselves and start teasing or disturbing their fellow students or even teachers at times. They do what they wish and if anyone tries to retaliate then that person is beaten up very bad. These people are almost like a separate management running the school. There are lot of these students who are always short of their attendance and if any the teachers try to complain against these students, then even the teachers are threatened and at some times beaten up too.


There are almost 282,000 students who are getting affected by these cases of school violence on a monthly basis. There are some suggestions being given by the experts to bring down this violence. The persons who are affected by this form of violence should immediately report to the higher officials. This is because most of the violent activities go unreported by the victims fearing backlash from the violent students. The general perception of most of these victims of school violence is that if they report the names of the students who abused them or have physically assaulted them, then there are chances of them getting assaulted even more in the future.


Students thing that exhibitionism of violence in school and being part of gangs in school would make them look more powerful and violent. The tools used by them to hurt other kids are revolvers, pistols, etc.


There must be some strict rules and regulations being put up by the school to bring down such violence in school. If we look at the reason why most of these students engage in violent activities, then probably the reason would be their surrounding environment and the behaviour of the parents at home. If these kids are showered love and affection then all these problems of school violence would be brought down to a large extent.