School Violence-A Survey


School violence is on a rampage in the present day world where students tend to develop an arrogant attitude very easily. The reason for such high number of school violence cases is not only because of a violent child or a gang of bullies but also because of the students who are being bullied by these bullies. Students can turn out to be revolutionaries if they are cornered and school violence is the perfect example of that. A group of bullies can tame or dominate a set of silent students for two or three days. But chances of these silent students to become violent are so high that they are not afraid to go even to the extremities.
A survey conducted on the number of reported cases of school violence in the United States of America revealed that school violence is the major problem of concern in most of the schools and not the issues related with studies and pass percentages. One of the very famous incidents that need special mention is the Columbine High School massacre in the year 1999 when two students named Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris went amok firing bullets on anyone who was in the vicinity. These two guys were depressed on being bullied by their classmates and also irritated with the school atmosphere and they decided to take law on their own hands.
They killed twelve innocent children and a school staff other than injuring twenty three others and finally killed themselves. This incident of school violence is one among the thousands of reported cases in United States in the past decade. There are at least a hundred reported cases of violence in the schools in USA. These include theft, physical injuries, vandalism and other attacks. Another astonishing fact is that at least eight percent of the students in a regular school in USA are victims of school violence which is quite sufficient to provide further cases of violence in school.
The U.S. Department of Education based on their recent surveys has reported that at least ten percent of the schools in the entire United States of America are faced with problems associated with violence and in these schools there is at least one serious case of crime other than thefts or physical attacks. Now, one serious crime in a year is something very disturbing and we all still believe that school is a place next to heaven. But this is not the end. There are sixty percent of schools which have one less cases of serious crime in a year which means that these schools are on the verge of giving serious crime once in every two years or three years. Kudos!
In my opinion these numbers does not mean anything. These numbers do not project the real scenario happening in the country nor do they depict the impact of school violence. But these numbers can be used to create awareness among parents, teachers, students and other governing bodies to take necessary steps to control school violence.