School Violence Detailed Overview

Various reasons lead to a child’s violent behavior. The violent behavior in a child cannot be stopped or reduced instantly. Proper efforts and time is required so that the child understands the consequences of bad behavior.


What does school violence exactly mean?


Violence that occurs in schools is known as school violence. Aspects such as theft, rape, bullying other students, threatening or even killing others are included in school violence. This kind of violence disturbs the school atmosphere hampering the growth of child as well. The responsibility of a nation’s growth depends upon the children and if a nation has such kind of violent children then effective growth of the nation is impossible. Preventive steps must be taken by parents and teachers in school to avoid and reduce the violent behavior of the child.


Are children already violent from birth?


Absolutely no! No one in this world is born violent. A child can turn violent because of various circumstances. Children learn things too quickly and if they are brought up in a violent environment then the children tend to become violent too. So it is very important to keep in mind that a child has to be brought up in a comfortable and healthy environment in order to prevent him/her from turning violent.


The responsibility of a child’s future is in both the hands of parents and teachers who need to make an effort to provide a peaceful and healthy environment for the kids to grow and develop. A child brought up in a right environment will help him/her shape a bright future for himself/herself. Satisfaction will be provided by a bright future to the child, his/her parents and teacher. Growth of the nation will be possible as well. If a child fails to shape a bright future then this can lead to dissatisfaction and later on dissatisfaction can lead to depression. So if you want that your child doesn’t suffer from depression then take appropriate steps before hand so that violent behavior of the child can be prevented.


Having learnt of few things now, you must be wondering if there is a remedy for the child’s violent behavior.


There is no medicine or cure available in the market for the child’s violent behavior. Reducing the violent behavior in a child can be done by the following ways:


  • Love and care must be provided o the children.
  • If the child has any difficulties, help must be provided to them.
  • External help from psychiatrists or counselors can be provided if the child needs any kind of external help.
  • Help from career counselors must be taken in case a child finds it difficult to choose a career. Counselors have detailed knowledge of every field and also know which sector is booming.
  • If needed, you can seek help from the internet as well. There are numerous websites on the web which provide detailed knowledge about school violence. Guidance and instructions related to teachers, parents and students are also available on the websites. These websites can be of a great help in preventing or reducing school violence.
  • Any student performing any kind of violent misconduct in school must be reported immediately and strict action must be taken against that student. Strict action taken against students for misconduct can prevent the occurring of school violence again.


The steps provided above will help you a great deal in avoiding school violence.