Troubling issues related to violence in school

Violence in the schools of America is growing like never and this is only destroying the image and secure environment of the nature. School violence includes acts like theft, breaking up of school property, rape and sexual assault, etc. of the school students, teachers and staff by some notorious members of the school. Proper action must be taken by the parents and teachers community otherwise it will spoil the future of these children.


There are lots of problems due to school violence and they are as follows:


Ø  Damaging the school’s atmosphere: Due to violence in school, there gets created a very intimidating atmosphere. People fear to enter the premises of the school fearing acts of violence against them. This also very badly affects the learning environment of the school.

Ø  Aggressive students are spoiling their future: Those students who indulge in violent activities are no longer interested in studies and are only exploring different ideas for creating more havoc in school not knowing that they are not only spoiling the image of the school but also spoiling their future.

Ø  Violent students create problems for other students: Because of these violent students, the other students who do not make any trouble are afraid of coming to school

Ø  Other children’s future is also affected: Violence created by students not only affects the students creating violence but also those students who are not troublesome as they are no longer able to concentrate on studies which therefore results in damaging their career.

Ø  Troubled parents: This violence is not only creating trouble for the kids but also for their parents. Parents send their kids with all the great expectations in the world and when they come to know that their kids are doing nothing but spoiling their future and reputation, it adds up to the already existing tensions of the parents.

Ø  Stunts nation’s development: The foundation of any country’s future is in its schools and colleges and the students studying there. But if these students indulge in such violent activities, then it would not only affect their future but will also damage the image of the country and finally become an obstacle for the growth of the country.

Ø  Deaths: This violence is not only destructive but it is also taking away the lives of the innocent people in the world. The Virginia Tech shootout, Columbine High school massacre, Bath school disaster are some of the prominent examples.

Ø  Image of the school: The violence, at the end of it all, destroys the image and reputation of the school. The future admission rates in the school go down as no parent would like to risk the lives of their kids by admitting them in schools where there is more violence than education.


It is the responsibility of each student, parent, teacher and other citizens of the country to bring a stop to these violent activities in educational institutions because these activities not only damages the future of the students but also tarnishes the image of the country and brings down the growth in its economy and development. It is the idea of love, care and affection that should be inculcated into these children as that is the only way to bring down the rate of crimes in the country.