School Violence in Public Secondary School

The school violence problem is a situation whereby students classified as violent carry weapons and attack their fellow students, their teachers, the staff as well as the principal.

They come with guns and knives attacking anybody. They are merciless and unleash all sort of terror against their victims. At the end of the terror, casualties are all over, other people lay dead. Many are in the pool of their blood. Some are crying in terror and pain.

Consequently, some of the students no longer want to go to school again, for the fear of witnessing the terror they saw again or for the fear of being harmed. That is a typical scene of school violence and the consequences.     


A report compiled by the American National Center for Education and Statistics revealed a startling fact about the cases of violence in public secondary schools. Although measures have since been taken and they are producing fruitful results, but that not withstanding, the result was indeed an alarming one. The report recommends that the increasing cases of school violence is an issue of serious concern and that if proper measures were not taken then the situation may be so devastating as to affect the educational system of the country. Let us consider the report in details.


The survey was conducted in 2000 secondary schools all over US. It was also supervised by the Crime and Safety Survey of Secondary Schools (CSOSS). All aspect of the report was properly evaluated.


The areas of interest of the survey include administration practices in the schools, the population of the schools, as well as the complete school disarray in all the schools under study. The report also gave a background picture of the relationship between the school characteristics and school violence.


While they were examining the demographic aspect of the schools, they gave regard to numbers of admissions, locations, that is whether city, urban town etc as well as communal crime rate of the areas where the school is located. The teacher to students’ ratio and the frequency by which classes were changed for the students were examined. The presence or other wise of the law enforcement agents was verified. The survey, moreover, enquired into general violence that occurred in the schools, where it checked the students known to have participated in the violence, indiscipline record and undue absence and transfers.


The report concludes that the percentage of violence in secondary schools is very much higher than that of elementary schools and middle schools.


 The report has made it clear that violence in secondary schools is seen to manifest more than in any other institution. The result is scaring indeed. It is the desire of every child, every teacher, the principals, the staff and the parents to have violent free secondary schools for our children just like what was obtained in the good old days of prevailing peace. And our children have the rights to be given such a peaceful and conducive atmosphere free of any fear of attack whatsoever.