School violence statistics in large schools


In the year 1992, an unfortunate incident took place in VirginiaHigh School resulting in 56 deaths. That school shooting was certainly a shameful event in the history of the US education system.  The incident is nearly 2 decades old but still we cannot see any sort of improvement or a move in the positive direction. Within the period of 18 years an immense numbers of tragic school violence incidences had took place within the political borders of the United States only. 
It is imperative to think about these incidences right from a new level. There are a large number of reasons playing a crucial role behind such incidences. Why school violence is quite prominent in large schools? Is there any specialty with the behavior and attitude of the students going to the large schools?  
Some of the major problems resulting in school violence include interpersonal problems, desire to revenge, gang relations, racial issues, ostracism by peer group and some psychological issues.   If we make a report on the death toll of children in between the age group of 5 to 18 years then we will find that out of 20,000 casualties (including both deaths and suicides) approximately 21% occur inside the school compound or during a school sponsored event. During the year 2001-2002, 117 homicides took place within or surrounding areas of school in the urban localities.  Here we can make an estimate that one student dies in every 3 days within the political boundaries of the USA.    
If we make a comparison of the current data with the data of 15 years before then we’ll find that the incidents of stabbing, theft and sexual harassment, have also increased by 40%. These statistics are certainly not favorable to future’s ideal learning environment.   
We can categorize school violence into three categories:
·        Interpersonal disputes (especially related to property/ a romantic interest.
·        Fights in-between gangs.
·        Harming others or committing suicide
Most of the people believe that bullying is a dismissible element of the school life. But this is not so! If not taken care at the right time then it may lead to aggressive behavior from the either side and blood feud may boil to the surface. According to a special survey report, nearby 14% of the students especially of the Caucasian origin been the victim of bullying in the year 2003-2004.  According to a clinical report, students who are normally bullied by their peers tend to get violent sooner or later on. This is basically because physical, mental or sexual harassment will have a deep adverse impact on the sub-conscious mind of the person.   
It is also a fact that gang fights are also common in various urban localities and these gangs normally involve teens.   “Turf lines” normally becomes one of the issues for dispute.  Sometimes these teens even visit other schools just in order to attack the rival gang member(s) threatening the life of others as well. Correct action may prevent serious repercussions taking place later on.