The Extent of School Violence

Violence is on the rise among the youths. It seems that the schools all over the world are not left out in this. Day-in-day-out, acts of physical fighting, shootings and attacks are becoming the order of the day in schools. Parents and teachers should take measures to prevent such activities. They also need to provide the students with cool, hygienic and happy environment, which will result in more success and less violence amongst the children. The community leaders should also work hand in hand with the teachers and parents in prevention of violence in schools.


It is well noted that the students who get involved in any kind of violence have low confidence. Some of them, right from their childhood, use abusive language and this becomes a daily practice. This requires attention from teachers, parents and the other students. They should work to help in prevention of such activities. No tolerance policy towards the school violence should be followed by the schools.


These types of activities should neither be ignored nor encouraged, and the teachers are therefore advised to note if any child is abused physically or verbally at home. If found true, they should file reports so that proper actions can be taken against it. Proper love and affection at home is a right for every child for proper growth.


Every person has suffered disastrous consequences as a result of school violence. This does not only affect the teacher, students and parents but the whole country. One can only imagine how disgusting it is not only to the parents but also to the community when a student kills a schoolmate or even a classmate. This is not only disastrous but more than a nightmare to all, thus the effects of school violence are more than straightforward to all.


Frustration, parents refusing to send the children to the school, reputation of schools and school teachers going down are just but a few of the many types of chaos after school violence. Large numbers of people are adversely affected by cases of school violence. Take an example of the report from Washington post, which stated that a teen from Hart Middle School who carried a shotgun was charged for assaulting and beating three teachers. 83 percent of the middle school students are engaged in activities like school violence and only 17 percent of them read at proficiency level.


Difficulties in finding principals, teacher’s shortages and delays in constructions are some of the common results of these activates. Both boys and girls are involved in violent activities that occur in the schools. In Dunbar High School, a total of 19 girls were arrested by police after a series of violent activities as reported by Washington post. A similar incident also took place at Anacostia High School.


To have all these activities curbed, everyone should help in taking stern measures against them. Right from home to schools, all should offer proper and conducive atmosphere and guidance to the children. This will help in controlling and finally eliminating chaos and other forms of violence in schools. This will be for the betterment of the communities and the nation at large.