Different types of violence in schools

There are numerous types of school violence, including physical, mental or sexual abuse, theft and vandalism. Thorough investigation must be done in order to curb this menace in schools.


Some people don’t understand school violence clearly. They believe that school violence is only about a random incident of school shooting. But it is much beyond than that. The term school violence has much broader meaning than they think.


It is important to understand school violence completely before making an attempt to understand the different types of school violence. Only then one can understand the real concept of different types of school violence. As per the North Carolina Department for Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, any action that might disturb the atmosphere of the school and disrupting the educational mission of the school. Such acts can be anything ranging from physical and verbal abuse, turf lines, drug use, etc.


Sometimes in the past, there have been reports in print and electronic media about such horrific incidents. Shooting incident at Columbia High School in the year 1999 and “drive-by” incident that took place in a Seattle high school are some of the most unfortunate and gruesome incidents that have taken place in schools.


By now, you would have got a fair idea about the problem of school violence. Thus we must move forward and discuss about various types of school violence. Bullying, fighting and assaulting inside or outside the school premises, bringing drugs and other harmful components to the school, sexual harassment, vandalism, robbing or stealing, bringing handheld weapons and firearms inside the school premises, etc are some of the common types of school violence.


The most common types of school violence include bullying and fighting. Even the children of elementary schools indulge in such acts. This type of behavior is common among the children who have a habit of annoying or dominating other kids. Another reason of violence among kids is that of gang rivalry.


The school administration and the Federal Department are seriously concerned about the children bringing harmful drugs in the school premises. The students of secondary and senior secondary students who are members of local gangs are provided such stuff by the local gang members.


Another act that is leading to rise in concern among the school authorities is the rise of sexual abuse. This type of violence is most prevalent in the schools of sub-urban and rural societies. The school and school administration generally censor and cover up such cases associated with sexual abuse in order to protect their prestige, name and fame.


Vandalism is another such act about which most people are not familiar. This stands for partial or complete destruction of others’ properties mostly to have fun.


Another common type of school violence is stealing or possessing weapons. Students with illegal firearms have hurt and killed other students.


In order to curb the various types of school violence, we must first learn about them in detail. It is very necessary to understand the psychology of the students. Then a thorough investigation must be done about the root cause of such violent behavior among the kids.