Violence in Large Schools- A Statistical Analysis

A noticeable rise in the statistical figures of the cruelty in large schools over the past two decades is observed. There is no improvement since then as violent behavior in large school of urban areas still exists. A gigantic number of many catastrophic incidences had taken place within the political margins of the United States only.


 A heartrending event happened in the history of US education system ensuing in nearly 56 casualties in the early 90s due to gun violence within the premises of Virginia High School. Although the incident is very old but still we cannot observe any kind of progress or even an inch move in the optimistic course. There are many reasons playing a key role behind such incidences. Why school violence is literally prominent in large schools?  Is it acquired anything to do with the behavior and conduct of the large school going students?

The cruelty in large schools can be classified into major 3 classes which are injuring others, interpersonal conflict & inter-gang fights. In addition, interpersonal problems, gang relations, aspiration to revenge, ostracism by peers, racial issues and psychological problems are some of the chief reasons ensuing in violence. Gang fights are a common sight in urban zones and usually these gangs comprise of emotional youth. The core reason for gang fights is habitually because of the abusive language. In some cases the teens from a particular gang visit other schools just to attack a member of the rival gang which then threatens the life of other students as well. Proper action taken beforehand can prevent the occurrence of such unfortunate incidents. The majority of the people think that harassment can easily be wiped out from school life.  But this is not so easy. Lack of proper care taken at the right time may result in the destructive, superfluous and quite vicious behavior of the student.

At this moment, we look upon the genuine report results that tell how much cruelty is present in large schools. A report on the casualties of 5 to 18 years old children tells that out of 20,000 casualties (with both deaths and suicides) around 21% take place inside the school premises or during any school assisted occasion. In the year 2001 & 2002, nearly 117 murders took place within or in neighboring areas of school in the urban zones. So from the statistics, we can figure out that a student dies every 3 days within the political margins of the US. According to a special analysis report, nearby 14% of the students particularly of the Caucasian origin been the sufferer of harassment in the year 2003-2004. A scientific report reveals that students who are normally harassed by their peers be likely to get violent sooner or later on. Main reason for the student turning vicious is because of the psychological, physical or sexual annoyance that has a deep undesirable impact on the mentality of any person

The comparison of the current statistical records with those of the figures of 15 years before puts in the picture that the severe crimes like robbery, stabbing and sexual harassment have been amplified by 40%. The statistical analysis certainly does not guarantee student’s safe learning surroundings. So, it is vital to deeply think about cruel occurrences right from a new stage.