More about school violence statistics


Violence in school has increased a lot in this recent era. School violence is the act done by the students who are having violent attitude. Such kinds of acts include bullying, physical attacks with or without weapons, larceny, vandalism and theft etc. These kinds of things are quite dreadful and painful. Students are sacred of going to school because of the terror that has been created by violent students.
There are large numbers of websites that are providing you school violence statistics. They include everything from fatalities in schools to bullying, suicides and murders etc. These statistics are being prepared by compiling data from various sources and covers school violence data from the schools of the United States of America and from the rest of the globe also.
These sites are being created so as to arouse awareness among students, parents, teachers and school authorities about school violence. If you need any kind of information related to school violence then you need not to go anywhere. Just by sitting at home or office you can extract large amount of information about school violence. You just have to switch on your personal computer or laptop, login on the internet and on Google type school violence or school violence statistics. You will be able to get a large amount of information on school violence.
School violence is an issue that cannot be ignored at any cost. Government, school authorities, teachers and parents have to pay attention towards this kind of violence. Children are the future of the country and if they will have such kind of attitude then the country’s future will be in dark for sure. So it is the duty of the parents, teachers and schools to provide right kind of environment to the kids so that they can have a better and bright future.
Parents and teachers should tell them about the negative effects of having violent attitude. They should also explain them the importance of having a good and successful career. They should know about the fact that such kind of killing and threatening other people or students and teachers is not nice. Schools should take strict action against students who are showing violent attitude in the schools. If schools want to save kids from getting violent then they should start courses like-
ü      Meditation- it relaxes the human body and gives soothing and calmness to the mind, heart and soul. Regular practice of mediation will reduce violent behavior in the children.
ü      Anger management- child becomes violent whenever he/she gets angry. So schools should start classes on anger management. These kinds of classes will tell students about the ways of controlling anger.
ü      Conflict management- these kinds of classes will tell students that the conflicts can be resolved by talking as well. Fighting, threatening and beating are not the only ways of solving conflicts.
School violence needs attention as if it is not reduced on proper time then it can lead to various troubles. So it is the responsibility of schools to take necessary steps in this regard.