Statistics on School Violence in Rural Areas

School violence in the rural areas may not be as high as that in the urban areas. But still there is a sufficient amount of violent activities inside the rural schools which needs to be mentioned so as to create public awareness. This article will tell some of the important facts, details and statistics about school violence that is happening in most schools at present. Though many believe that school violence in the rural areas began only in the recent past, but there are statistics which tell us that school violence in these rural areas were a major problem in the early nineties as well.


We will start right from the earlier statistics which were produced on the violent activities inside the rural schools. Back in the year 1992, the National Center for Education in the United States of America conducted a survey on all of the rural schools to find out if there were any cases of violence. They were stunned to find out almost all schools in the rural areas had severe problems related with violent and other unwanted activities by their children. At the end of the survey the NCE claimed that sixty percent of the rural schools have problems associated with violence.


This sixty percent means that they contribute about twenty one percent of the total cases of violence in schools in the whole of United States of America. The same survey conducted by the NCE in 1992 also revealed that there was sufficiently high increase in the violent activities when they compared it with the survey which took place in the year 1989. The crime rates in 1992 in the rural schools were sixteen percent higher than the crime rates in 1989. Also their opinion about the possession of weapons by the students of rural schools was that nearly eighteen percent of the students in these reported schools had illegal possession of weapons. The increase was about twenty eight percent when compared to the year 1989.


Now let us come to the present day situation of the rural schools in the United States of America. These schools contribute about twenty two percent of the total violence cases in the whole country which means that there is a marginal increase in the violent activities of the children in the rural areas from the year 1992. Also the crimes committed by the rural school students at present are much severe than it used to be in the year 1992.   


All of these are attributed to the increase in science and technology where the rural students have managed to gain access to the internet as well as the outside world. They have also managed to get into illegal activities like drug trafficking and drug abuse which is another major cause of concern for the school bodies in the rural areas. It is really absurd to find out that even with a small strength, the school authorities in the rural areas are finding it difficult to control violence inside these schools.