Elementary schools and violent behavior in them

How can you accept the combination, “Peanut butter with bitter gourd”? Can you consider using cream with salt? The answers will be in the negative even if you ask the entire population of the world. Why is that so? Because they will not taste good together and their basic properties are lost once we mix them together. Then how can anyone accept violence in schools? How can we accept guns in the hands of kids? If you are giving a negative reply for the questions in the previous section, then you should able to understand the course of this discussion.


Violence in school days is not seen only in America and the European countries but in all parts of the world these days. Though the number of instances in this regard is quite low in other countries, America and the European countries are the main grounds for this at present times.


All the events of violence in schools start as small incidents like misunderstanding between the classmates, viewing inappropriate contents in television and in real life and by being influenced by older students. These factors will make the kids vulnerable in many case and their results will be use of abusive words and aggressive behavior.


The programmes on television have been made for commercial benefits alone these days and in order to get the maximum ratings, television stations are broadcasting either junk programmes or horribly violent action scenes, without considering the mindset of the younger generation. Such sequences bring about a great deal of negative changes in the functioning of the minds of kids. When something is attractive enough, they tend to make that character as their role model and this will make them follow all the actions done by them. Even villains in certain programmes attract the kids better these days, thereby making them even more vulnerable to violent behavioral changes.


Again, they learn quite easily and effectively from their family and if their father, mother or other relatives make use of abusive languages to terrorize someone, it will create an impression as if using such words is the best solution possible to get things done. Accepting this accusation will allow us to teach our kids the basics of good and peaceful living from their earlier stages. Else, we are not only spoiling their lives but also the lives of everyone surrounding them too.


Set an example to them by being nice and only by showing them how things are done effectively when asked politely and about the benefits of character cleanliness, we can mold them into proper human beings in the future. It is therefore important to change the atmosphere of the house first, if we are to truly help the kids in avoiding violence at schools. Recent comparisons between the private and public sector educational institutions show that seventy six percentage of students show violence in public schools whereas, sixty two percentage of students do the same in private educational institutions. We need to act and reduce this fast, if we need to save our kids in the elementary schools and help them to grow out of this disease.