The Complete Picture of School Violence

In today’s society one of the biggest concerns is school violence among the students. We have to take care of the situation before it goes out of control. We have to look into the situation very carefully because not only the students but the staffs of the schools are also affected by this. Rather than marking the situation as a certain person’s mistake, we have to understand and analyze the events or the people who might be related to it. In true meaning school is a place to gain wisdom, knowledge and progressive ideas. But in modern schools it is all about competitive race for higher grades and better results. And in this rat-race environment students easily get frustrated with the situation or another fellow student and even towards the teachers for very minor reasons.

                Understanding that school violence must originate from the school within will be a mistake. The violence can be originated from student’s home or surrounding society. The reason can be numerous, rough behavior from classmates or teachers and even fear of failure in any upcoming exam. But the goal is not to find out the reasons but the cure. The answer of this concern can be addressed effectively. Both parents and teachers have to take part in this effectively. The key is communication. So a regular and constructive communication between student, parents and teachers can keep violence at its bay.

                While most of the schools are reluctant to take any security measures to prevent these situations, it’s very important they take it seriously. A well organized security can prevent these miss-fortunes easily.  Security to check any concealed weapons among the students as well keep an eye on the outsiders entering to the school premises can be very effective. A regular checking and well maintained record of everyone entering school as well leaving will be highly helpful. The students will be concerned about the situation and will not take security matter lightly.

                Surveillance can be an effective weapon to prevent school violence. Security cameras at the common and open places will help to keep a constant eye to the ongoing situation. Well trained security guard with metal detection ability at time of entering or leaving the school will prevent the weapon threat.  In this process we also have to look into a very important fact that security should be effective and fast and must not be too complex and harassing.

                But the school violence can be affected by the environment outside the school. Hence it’s also very important that parents or close relatives are well aware of the student’s regular activities. Often parents create extra burden or panic in student. It’s important that they have a healthy communication with the student regularly to find out if there is any problem or concern. Everyone start learning from home first so maintaining a constructive and educational atmosphere at home is very important. Parents should give their best effort to keep the home environment clean which can help in proper guidance of the student.