Violence in Small Schools

Many people individually affirm that urban schools are the only places where adverse number of school violence takes place. But this is not true, infact various facts can be disclosed after detailed study of school disturbance in small schools of rural America. Data available on internet reveals that children going to schools in rural edge are equally hostile. Unfortunately school administration has no eye on their attitude.


According to the facts and figures of national institute for education in 1992 the viewpoint of teachers of rural and teachers of urban small schools are similar regarding school assaults. California department of education did a research regarding school fighting the data collected showed that violence increased by 16% from 1989-92. It was also found that there was 28% increase in acquisition of weapons.


 After a comprehensive look at the facts provided by some government approved institutes it has become clearly evident that management of these small schools can be made responsible for such hostile behavior of the children. And they can be asked to give realistic reasons for this issue.


A parent magazine intelligently stimulated the parents of children going to small schools to take part in voting regarding drug abuse and school assaults versus rank and efficiency of teaching faculty. Unexpectedly polling results showed that in excess of 68% parents were worried about school violence and substance abuse.


Secrecy issues of private institutions and school administration leads to lack of supervision over school assaults .some of the students taking entrance or returning after short time are set free after extended or shorter conventional care. secrecy laws are framed to secure these students but eventually they endanger the safety of other students and faculty members of  that institution.


Another way to resolve this issue, as already being used by some of the rural counties, a private arrangement is accomplished between caretakers of freshly accepted candidate or returning student and school management .for attentive supervision of the newly admitted child and to improve the safety of others students and faculty members in the institution it is compulsory to interchange particular facts according to this agreement.


The dilemma with the rural school management is lack of qualified and competent faculty members which has lead to increase in frequency of school assaults .but the reality is that fresh graduates with fresh appearances can deal such kind of agitation more accurately and appropriately .to reduce the incidence of school violence a few modern teacher education programs also highlight on this issue.